Summer 2014 Recap

This summer was one that I won't be forgetting anytime soon. Was it spent lying on the beach with waves crashing over me? Was I sipping margaritas at sunset each night? No. This was the summer I grew up. I was a parent making my stamp on the world.

Moving to a different state and taking a job I had dreamed of having all of my life. This was what concerned me the most. For others it was moving to a different state by myself and protecting myself. I, however, proved that I can take care of myself on that note.

After getting over the fact that I was once again all alone and proved to everyone and myself that I could handle problems on my own. I started leaning back having fun. I started making friends and having a blast. I would actually make me a mixed drink.

Weddings, case studies, shopping, lunch dates, dog park walks, etc have become so prominent in my life I can't believe that I ever thought I had a boring life. It's the small simple things in my life. From a tiny hug with glitter getting all over me, to a woman having her Erin Condren Planner and me flipping out about it. It's has been amazing summer and by the looks of things the fall is going to be amazing as well.

This summer has held many surprises from tiny little ones, surprise visits, surprise trips, and my engagement! These are the things I will hold dear to my heart as time passes. I am a blessed girl and I think of that daily in my gratitude journal. I also think of it when I am writing my currents because God knows that these little blessings and surprises shape my life that He wants me to have and rejoice about and I will let the whole world know that I am blessed and thankful for the life that He has given me.

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