Expedition Everest Challenge

This race wasn't something I had ever envisioned myself doing. It was interesting but I was kind of glad when it was over. There was a lot of people who didn't have their hearts in this and I will admit I was one of them. I can also see why this was the last year for this.

There was a scavenger hunt with clues and an obstacle course. I can see how this was fun at first, but RunDisney, is just that for running. This could be kept but for like for teenagers, sports group that need team work. This wasn't something that I would do again.

The medal was probably my favorite thing. It's a real compass! That was so neat to me. The piece of "bling" is something that I am very proud of that I have accomplished. Having that placed around my neck and around Chris's neck was really inspiring to keep running... Which I did... Right on to the Tinker Bell Half Marathon which you will read about soon.

When running through the parking lot and through the park I felt pride in the fact that I had a best friend with me. He trusted me enough to look for clues and help solve riddles. That also meant a lot to me while doing this event. There were several groups that were fighting (and then claiming they had a great time) but Chris and I were happy to just get some emotion out while running and having fun while problem solving.

But all in all this wasn't my favorite race and I am glad RunDisney is coming out with a new race for the runners of Disney World. And the race will hopefully have a lot of force... Star Wars Half Marathon: The Dark Side is coming to Disney World! How awesome is that?!?!

Stay tuned for more running updates!

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