Tinker Bell Half Marathon Essentials

Running essentials? Fairy essentials? Disneyland essentials? I'm about to cover all of the things that I am so glad I brought with me for the Tinker Bell Half Marathon Weekend! These are things that stood out to me on this trip!

Shoes and sunblock are a must of course. But everyone will tell you that when looking for a list of things you'll need on a RunDisney Race. Some people like more fun and some people take it a lot more serious. It just depends on the person and why they are running the race. But the goal is there really to have fun and do your best!

Money - Ok so not on the run exactly. But the rest of the weekend you need to make sure that you budget big time for souvenirs! I was very happy that this was the main run weekend that I gave myself plenty of cushion for souvenirs because I love Tinker Bell so much. 

Band-Aid Active Friction Block Stick - This is something I am 95% sure that I have talked about before this post, but I'm going to talk about it again. This is something I wear at every Disney trip, and something I wear every single time I wear a new pair of shoes! This really stops the blister. Part of me wants to know the science behind it. The other part isn't that interested honestly. I know most runners prefer Body Glide and some just prefer Vaseline. I happen to love my results with Band-Aid Active Friction Block Stick.

Costume - I actually was very excited about getting my running costume for this weekend. Who am I kidding? I love dressing up at every running event that I go to because I love that I can! It's super fun! 

Halo Hairband - I love this brand for keeping my hair back while I am running and other sports as well. I also love their sweat band as well for keeping the sweat out of my eyes. But the hairband is what I really love the most!

KT Tape - I see people wearing this in normal life with aches and pains. But I especially love it since I am prone to getting shin splints. This tape really helps that. Plus you may look a little dorky with bright colored tape on you but it helps!

NOT YOUR MOTHER'S Déjà Vu Do Style Extender - When I received this is what in a Voxbox of mine and I wasn't sure about it. So I put it to the ultimate test and used it the weekend of the Tinker Bell Half Marathon. It really holds! I mean if it can withstand me sweating, the humidity, and everything else, it works! And I had someone ask me why do they need something like this for a race... THEY TAKE YOUR PICTURE! And you don't want to look like a "woolly bully." 

Snap Infusion Super Candy - When I first started running I thought things like this was a hoax. I was mistaken. These really help to give a great boost when the race starts winding down. Sometimes it helps me to get my mind off of the pain or miles to go by eating something especially if it taste like something else which brings me to a different memory. It's like a mini trip.

Orange Blossom Organic Energy Chew - I carry two different brands for two reasons. One I love this company because they are strictly organic and they offer other products I like. Two, the flavor of these are just out of this world. I have received several of their products through different subscription boxes over the years. So for me this is a tried and true company.

Nuun - When I first started running, a running friend of mine told me about the hydration that would help you keep up your stamina. Oh how I love this! This is a perfect product for runners and I cannot not recommend it more. Just pop it into your water and it helps your body perform throughout the activity! 

SPIbelt™ Foil - I love to try out new sports belts. This is one of my favorites though. It just holds everything. It stays in place well. Sometimes I do like to change to a belt with a water bottle, but I also like this belt because it is just what I need for running. I also like how it's flashiness is perfect fo my personality.

SmartWool Women's PhD® Run Ultra Light No Show Socks - So everyone talks about the socks to wear while running, but no one discusses socks when they are telling you about running. A good lasting pair is what you need. Cotton is rotten is a phrase known around the running community. You need something that can withstand moisture. That's where these come in. I also pack compression socks for after a run.

Spyoptic Screw Sunglasses - These are perfect for running. I love these on my normal day runs as well. They have don't bother me at all. Plus they have great protection. There are a few others I like to wear as well, but these are the ones that I liked for this race.

Playtex® Sport Body Wipes 20 Count Singles - These are what I pack for on the run and after the run. It's like a tiny shower in a wipe! It smells good and gets the sweat smell off. I also like these for after race parties when you want to clean up just a bit and not head back to the room.

Kleenex Cool Touch and Slim Packs - These are fantastic! Now they don't have Kleenex Cool Touch in Slim Packs so I have to pack my own. Which is totally fine for me. I love having the cool touch ones because they are seriously cooler than normal Kleenexes.

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