May 2015 Favorites

The Body Shop Shower Gel Minis - (Satsuma, Strawberry, Mango)
Technically these are empties and favorites because I used these up! Oh these were perfect for travel (and I did a lot of that!) My favorite out of the three was the strawberry it smelled like strawberry jello!!

Fortune Cookie Soap Salt Scrub The Boy Who Never Grew Up - Another love from a product I received in my FCS Box. Oh I think I love salt scrubs better than sugar scrubs. Anyone know the benefits? Or whether one has more benefits than the other?

Lush's Brazen Honey - I've been using this once a week. It just cleanses really deep and moisturizes as well. I love this but I think I'm going to try BB Seaweed in June.

Dionis Goat Milk Skincare Sea Treasures Hand Cream - I only paid $3 for mine but mine didn't come with a snazzy box so that's probably where the extra cost comes in. I bought mine at Cracker Barrel and I bought most of the scents and as you can see from the picture above this one is almost gone. I also love the lemon and strawberry!

Mr. Pumice Extra-Coarse Pumi Bar and Mr. Pumice Two Sided Ultimate Pumice Bar - I have no clue why not everyone is talking about these. Thank Goodness Tati Tip Tuesday #42 directed me to these beauties! They are under $5! Yes you read that right and they work so unbelievably good.

Hey HoneyGood Morning: Honey Silk Facial Serum - I received this in my ipsy bag and I saved it for traveling after realizing just how much I loved it and how well it worked! This made the dry patches on my face go away! My forehead no longer feels like sand paper.

Olay Fresh Face Wipes Everything Off - To me these are so worth the extra price! Everyone knows I love my Target Up & Up make up remover cloths (I still have packages of them as well.) But these are amazing because one their fragrance is so fresh and clean. The second thing is that they are cooling. The first time I used one of these I thought it was so refreshing I probably looked like a freak to the car beside me.

tarte Tartelette Amazonian Clay Matte Eyeshadow Palette - This was an impulse buy and I have to say I was so excited to try it the next morning! For me it's a great nude palette that has all matte shadows in it.

Buxom Lip Glosses - I will one day have the entire collection of these. These are my favorite glosses EVER! Over Too Faced, over MAC, over anything! They have just a hint of plumping and amazing - insert freaking amazing- pigment! I love these!

MAC Cinderella Cream Shadow in Pearl - Though no longer available.. I love this for my inner eye corner! It's super for that.

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