Guest Post: DesignSticky- Sticker Company Start-Up

Hello to all of you lovely readers here at The Girl from Alabama. Jess from A Pop of Jess is back again to guest post for your lovely host, Hunter. Today we wanted to talk about something new that you will see more of in the future. For all the Erin Condren Planner lovers, or planner addicts in general, this is a post that you will not want to miss. Hunter and I have been working together on a project for some time now. We are in the early stages of development, trial and error, and planning. Soon we will be moving forward with our plans to open a shop to sale. What is it that we have been working on?

Planner Stickers!!! It all started with a need to decorate and have fuctional stickers that we were not seeing online. With with a ton of Etsy shops selling planner stickers, we wanted to create something for ourselves. With basic editting, we started to play with images, ideas, and themes. Soon it became natural to see something we liked, redesign it for our needs, and create it. We wanted unique and different ideas. So far we have made a variety of fitness stickers, half box tracking stickers for anything from YouTube to Netflix, and cleaning stickers for FlyLady Zone Cleaning.

With most of my planning being focus on daily events and journaling, I would find a theme and create a weeks worth of stickers to coordinate. My favorite so far is a Paper Mario themed week. In conjunction with my journaling, I do gratitude with the Happier app. The sticker idea was born to create a sticker to keep track of when we used the app. The idea was shared with Happier, and they loved and approved of the idea. If you are interested, you can follow this link to see more about Happier and the stickers created.

We are looking forward to moving forward, creating more mass market ideas, and opening up our shop together. Do you find that you have trouble finding the stickers that you need? We would love to hear any sticker ideas that you have.

Thanks again to the wonderful Hunter for letting me guest on her blog today!

Jessica, is the mother of three little girls, and the future wife of an IT personnel at Wedding Boutique. She writes blogs that are creative, funky and original. She spends her time reading, crafting, and helping others. She enjoys Christimas Tea and the app Happier. For more ideas and to follow her life go over to her blog at A Pop of Jess.

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