Club W Review

 Well Sorta A Review...

I received this product offer complimentary from Influenster in the #bellavoxbox for testing purposes.

This was a product I wasn't sure about, and was still not too sure about when my Bella Vox Box arrived. There was an issue for me to even receive this offer. However, with some extensive and creative ways I am going to be able to receive this offer now.

Let me explain why I said I originally said I wasn't going to be able to take part of this offer:

Club W starts off with a personality quiz to help find the wine that best fits your personality tastes. While this is just fine, I'd rather my wine match my food rather than me. But I still added the wines to my bag and went to check out. Upon inserting my information into the fields and clicking submit I was sent back and back. After double checking my information several times I realized why it was sending me back to the same page telling me there was an error.

This was highlighted in red finally:

We are not able to ship wine to the following states: AK, AL, AR, DE, HI, KY, MS, OK, PA, RI, SD and UT. We are unable to ship to PO Box addresses.

Now this was not their fault I could not get this in my state! Rather Influenster sent me the box and asking me to review it honestly. Which I am doing now that I am in Florida. I reached out to Influenster with no response. However, this is not the end of this crazy journey with this company.

I still have to talk about the wine now that I am here in Florida for the weekend and able to receive it.

The wines were low quality with very simple flavor profiles and extremely short finishes. If you're looking for something cheap that doesn't taste bad, this is a good choice. Also you can find most of these wines in a grocery store near you. But if you really enjoy good wine, don't bother. More annoying was that cancellation was difficult. They don't have any way to cancel on the site, nor via email, nor by calling them unless you call during business hours in their time zone. I was also charged a cancellation fee, which I always consider to be the sign of a less reputable vendor.
So I have to say I do not recommend this company at all.

I received this product complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

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