Homeschooling Schedule: Our Scheduling

We have been homeschooling for a year and half now. That statement just shocks me to realize how far our family has, not only grown, but evolve in homeschooling since we started. We started with just using curriculum and such. Now we have full on activities not necessarily through curriculum, but through what our children want to learn about.


What is our homeschooling schedule like daily? That's difficult to answer for many reasons. Number one reason it's hard to answer is because we really don't have one. Number two reason it's hard to answer because when we try one it never pans out for us. Finally, the last reason that is a hard question to answer is because we are still working out a schedule for our family.

Why do we not have one?

We are just starting out and the dynamics of our family has drastically changed since we started homeschooling. Also we travel a lot and do many hands on experiences which we have planned out. We are trying to figure out a way that they do have a routine no matter what happens. Sure there will be surprises that hinders learning but heck we will have less hindrances than public school learning.

We have slowly realized that we like living books over textbooks. Not to say that textbooks are bad, some of them are great on some subjects, but very dull and boring on other subjects.

Plus learning to teach with different learning levels was hard to master as time went on but we have managed. We just use a method where we have one-on-one learning and do it in a circle. Any questions are answered promptly once it's their turn.

We have tried, trust us, we have tried.

We can never really handle what one family does. Maybe we try too hard to do exactly what they do and it backfires on us. We have tried timers. But what we like best is a flowing day that just naturally blends into the next phase instead of feeling like they are in a set time frame.

The children love it when we travel because we make sure to do things they find interesting. They learn about different animals, different cultures, and so much more. People look at me funny when I say I homeschool at Disney World. When we get on that monorail and hear "Por favor, mantengase alejado de las puertas." My kids know what it means and why it says that.

We still have a lot to learn when how to balance traveling and homeschooling at the same time. That's another reason why I like to homeschool, I get to keep on learning as well. My kids are more willing to learn when I say I'm learning too.

We are still working on one we promise!

Here are some the links I want to incorporate, that I think will work well with us. These aren't just for routines, these are to help homeschooling get off the ground.

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Don't worry we have happy, healthy, and hungry knowledge kids. We will keep on going and not give up on this wonderful journey of homeschooling. Maybe soon we will have a routine and I can check back in.

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