13 Nights of Halloween

September 3rd brought a huge annoucemet for me and my friends and family and honestly, a large portion of the country...

13 Nights of Halloween Line Up Programming!

13 NoH Facebook

Seeing the schedule reminds me that it might be 90-something degree outside my Orlando home but Halloween is coming and it's coming quickly! Halloween isn't my favorite holiday but it's my second favorite after Christmas. Halloween just has something about it for me.

Halloween was never about the costumes or candy for me. I love the history of it. I did my 10th grade research paper on it in fact. It's strange and ancient which just intrigues me. I love the fun Halloween and some of the gory and scary Halloween. 

I am a rare Christian that believes in ghosts and demons--why? Because they are in the Bible. Am I afraid of them? No. I am on the good side with God. I fear nothing. Not even death anymore. As for why I am not a fan of the gore and scary stuff? Well there is enough mean things in this world without adding more.

But, back to the line up. They give you a basic night line up for those who get home after 5 that's all well and good but I have various off days and what the cute picture that you can save doesn't tell you is that during the day and afternoon they show movies and shows then too! You can find the COMPLETE LINE UP HERE! This is a great line up this year!

One of my favorites? Nightmare Before Christmas! I am not alone in loving this either! There are several that are so excited about this additive. What I didn't realize is that there are some people who really, really love Halloween like Christmas. Like Halloween trees and NBC trees! I got to know some of these people through messaging them and it's very intriguing to me.

My friend Bridgitte's Tree!

So I hope everyone is as happy about the new line up as I am. I am trying to come up with fun and exciting ideas for my girls and myself besides Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party and Universal Studios Nights of Horror. I want something that will be remembered like me with my dad reading Halloween books, baking pumpkin seeds, and watching Halloween shows while fixing the treat bags.

Happy Hauntings everyone!

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