Witch Please

I get the quarterly Fortune Cookie Soap box all the time. I have been getting for three years now, maybe four years. Either way I love it. I loved the Harry Potter one, the Nightmare Before Christmas one, and the latest Witch Please based on Wicked.

The scents that came out with this quarterly box were scrumptious! I loved a lot of the scents. Therefor, I bought some products in the two scents I loved the most!

Whipped Cream Green Is The New Black - I love their whipped cream. I love a lot of body butters from places like VS or Bath and Body Works but those usually have my skin dry again in no time. This whipped cream is very different! This smell is just incredible. Pumpkin pie at it's finest. 

Sugar Scrub Green Is The New Black  - Their sugar scrubs DO NOT leave your feet and body feeling greasy. I recently used a scrub from Bath and Body Works and almost busted my butt. This scrub is not big particles or mini it's a good medium buffing.

Body Wash Green Is the New Black - I have never really tried a body wash from them before and I am looking forward to using this in the shower. I want to know if it has any lasting power.

Whipped Cream There's No Place Like Home - Honestly I have a hard time choosing between this and the hand santizer which is my favorite product I bought. Again the cream is not greasy and I do not feel like I have dry hands after awhile because of the fragrance. I feel like it's a good moisturizer to my skin. Now this scent? OMG it's like cinnamon liquid potpourri with a hint of berry. I am completely obsessed.

OCD Hand Santizer There's No Place Like Home - This is might be my favorite because of how freaking cute and pretty this is. Like I said it's based on Wicked and the Wizard of Oz. This smell is cinnamon but the packaging... Priceless.

It has red sparkles!!! How adorable and fitting is that? I am in love with these products already.

The sample product they gave me is

Sweet Tart Martini Bar Soap - This has a very sour smell and I can honestly say it reminds me both of a martini and a sweet tart at first sniff. I haven't tried it out as a soap yet.

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