I won't soon forget Sunday night, September 21st getting onto my social media accounts preparing to blog only to be faced with terror of what some of my friends were going through. What my favorite city in the entire world was going through. Where my home for three and half years was going through. No matter what anyone says it was terror that night and it was true fear.

I realize while I speak my mind on this I may make some people mad but you have to understand how I feel on this subject. I have been terrified for my friends on that campus. No they are a not all students. I made friends with faulty and staff through my years there and even after graduating from there.

1. There will never be a military type game in my house, EVER! Halo, COD etc. Why? Not because it makes the person do those things but it because it is to easy to lose yourself in games. People are willing to use their hard earned money on a fantasy life. I have done it before while the earlier version of the Sims. I wasted hours and money on things for these fiction things. Trust me I have been there when reality didn't matter. Suppose to be taking notes and designing a house? Yep and it scared the heck out of me when I realized that a game was controlling my life.

2. Why are minorities rare in sororities? Not because they aren't accepted but because people don't try. Why do they not try? Because of rumors. 

3. Even if this has all been a big hoax. It brought a lot of issues that needed to be addressed. And regardless of a hoax or not the terror was real for so many on and off campus. Fear gripped them and their families. Do not belittle someone when their fear is real. 

I lived pretty good through Monday though it was slow and I was constantly checking for updates. I barely ate my lunch. And I was fine and was getting ready to blog to make up for what I had missed on Sunday night... Only to be faced with this... A second threat had been made and my world crumbled even further. I was like everyone else desperate to know why the University of Alabama was acting like it was nothing but investigating. 

The next round of chaos hit that night. A weird text messaged came out and the guy that sent that was caught and was arrested. It was disgraceful how people were treating the ones that were really scared. I am glad these people haven't been that scared in their lives and can make fun of them.

So while we don't know the truth yet I am still saying #PrayersForBama

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