This Girl has Become a True Potterhead Even More

I read the Harry Potter series as it came out. I was at all the midnight parties at Books - A - Million when the books came out. I was pulled in the fascination of Harry Potter when I was in the second grade. I had the comforter and the weird little stones that held pictures inside (Both of which I still have!) But I wasn't really what you call a Potterhead... yet.

Computer games were a big deal with me. Yes I had the Harry Potter one. However, I got so mad while trying to play, I never finished it. I was angry at the game. Then Harry Potter Lego came out and that game was so much better than the computer game. 

But as far as being a Potterhead goes, I have never really been one. I have the Harry Potter Scene Games because I like the movies alright, I prefer the books anytime. The books are something I love to reread. I have probably read the entire series ten times now. 

This last time though, something clicked in me. I started out reading the series with Vin. This is his all time favorite book, and book series. He eats, sleeps, and breaths Harry Potter. He was on Vanderbilt's Quidditch team even. So he has been a Potterhead.

I am now reading the books again and this time I am reading it and taking notes and... Playing Pottermore while reading it. Yes, I am playing Pottermore now. I am obsessed with the information that are not in the books but that J.K Rowlings divulges in Pottermore.

Plus my Pinterest board for Harry Potter has soared as well. The fascinating things about Harry Potter cover the internet in a wide span. From parties, costumes, to food, and fan art there is a wide spread love for Harry Potter that keeps the Harry Potter generation in love with the stories. 

Personally, I love fan fiction of Harry Potter. The genres for the stories also cover a vastly wide spread. I spend hours and hours pouring over different FanFiction. Granted, some of these people go out on limbs filling in their own incantations and spells and relationships. I personally like the ones where either Snape and Fred live or both. Those make me happy. Those are the deaths that upset me the most. Fred, probably more than Snape though. I just think it is very cruel for George to live his life alone. 

Visiting the theme park of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter has always given me the feeling of stepping into the books. Details there but I would like to see a few more details added or even for the World to branch off and make their own theme park instead of being attached to Universal Studios. 

Also the Harry Potter museum in London is amazing! Summer 2013 was when I went and I enjoyed it immensely! I took over 100 photos and bought so many things! Plus, visiting King's Cross was an adventure too! I know I will return to London soon and it's so much fun seeing the places mentioned in Harry Potter!

Becoming an in-depth Potterhead is something I am really loving at the moment. I find it so amazing to just let go and immerse myself into the magical world inside the books. Though, while I am in Orlando I love to pop in there for a bit to read while in the parks. It's fabulous. 

So in 20 years (Because it's now approaching 20 years of when I started reading the books) and someone will ask me "After All This Time?" The answer will remain the same....

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