Untitled Post - Seriously

I hate staring at this for 30 minutes while I think of ideas. It is so discouraging sometimes because I am like why do I even bother if I have to go hunt for blog post ideas. Then it strikes me!

I love to share my ideas and even if I have to go find them sometimes I enjoy sharing them. My opinions are my own and I am human and certain influence me. In the end though when I type and black print shows up on the white canvas I know that I am taking what I know and have formed opinions and stories for you.

So many people ask me why I don't just do a make-up or Disney blog? Well simply put because that's only part of who I am. This is my personal blog not a Disney or make-up blog. Sometimes it seems like a personal shopper. In the brink of things I am just a consumer who loves to shop. That's where the hauls come from all the time. I am not support by any stores. If I ever am you will know at the end of the post.

Sometimes I do buy products and test them because my friends and supporters send me money to buy products to test them. I haven't even done that in a long time. But again I will let you know if that happens like it has before on this blog.

Do I need to update things on blog? Yes. I have recently changed up graphics for the blog itself and my currents. The next things to get hit is my All About Me and some of the other pages I have. I want to improve a lot of things about my blog. I want it to show me and what I am passionate about not some rambling crap about what has went wrong in my life.

If there anything you would like to see, by all means leave a comment!

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