Top Books or Books Series that Affected my Life

Nancy Drew ~ Carolyn Keen: I love all the Nancy Drew books. Every single one of them. I get so hooked into them that I literally cannot stop with just one. If I am going to read Nancy Drew I make me a pot of coffee and curl upon a raining day!

The Night Room ~ E.M. Goldman ~ Sci - Fi is not a genre I usually read but this I received in a grab bag book pack at a book sale while in junior high. I really just kept it until one day I decided to read it and I literally fell in love with it. It made me have an appreciation for Sci-Fi.

Something Out There ~ Leslie Davis: I love this book. Another book that introduced me to romance from kid stuff. This books is a bit of a twist for a young adult mystery romance. Plus I love the setting and the plot! This was one book I really wanted to live out as a you preteen.

Road to Romance ~ Nicole Hart: I think this is the book that probably started me onto young adult reading. I was grossly addicted to this cheap 99 cent romance book. (I still have two copies...) I think it was because it took place in Rome and that is still one of the cities of this world I want to explore. Plus, the story was romance mixed with mystery.

Harry Potter ~ J. K. Rowlings: Ehhh do I really have to write a paragraph or a few sentences on this series? I really hope I don't, but just in case this is your first time to my blog. I love Harry Potter. My fiance loves it. We have so much Harry Potter memorabilia and things that it is clashing with my Disney stuff!

Hangman's Curse ~ Frank Peretti: Between the books written by Frank Peretti and Bill Myers I know there are demons, witches, etc on this Earth even being a Christian. They show you where in the Bible it tells these are things of the devil though and to stay away but the Hangman's Curse was a favorite for me!

The Babysitter's Club ~ Ann M. Martin: The series that made me realize I wanted to work with children. This was it for me. I knew without a doubt that I wanted to be a babysitter and from there I wanted to be a teacher. I was in the fan club for this one. Not even going to lie with how amazing these stories were for me. I love the Pike family beach trips!

At First Sight ~ Elizabeth Chandler: The Christmas book I read year after year after year. I love it. It perks me up for the holiday season like no other Christmas book I have. I love Elizabeth Chandler's writing. But this book? It holds a very dear place in my heart for me because it's just so light and airy.

The Stalker ~ Nicole Davidson: How does a murder mystery affect someone's life? Well let's just say I am way more aware of my surroundings at any mall after reading this book. I love this book. It's another young adult mystery/romance that has withstood about 10 years with me.

The House Next Door ~ Richie Tankersley Cusick: This book now reminds me of something that has happened to my friend so it freaks me out now reading this but I do enjoy this author so much. Her book Scarecrow is flipping amazing!

Perfect Chemistry ~ Simone Elkese: Nope these books... Are just gold. I love Simone Elkese's writing. Anything she has wrote, I have read it and loved it. I haven't read a book by her that I haven't fell in love with lived with the characters.

If I Ask You Would You Stay ~ Even Bunting: You know that life you dream of if you had no parents and you could just live on your own? Crow was living it. He saves a girl's life, but he has secrets and he is scared if she will keep them.

Boxcar Children ~ Gertrude Chandler: Like my cousin/stepsister, this series was amazing for me. I used to go with my cousin and rake pine straw to make houses out of and we would have a blast playing and cooking outdoors. I cannot wait to read these to my girls!

Molly - American Girl ~ Valerie Tripp: Not just the Molly books but the American Girl book series in general really helps a young person understand history and makes it come alive for them unlike a textbook. This is what America needs to show kids instead of a textbook which can be so dull.

The Old Man and the Sea ~ Ernest Hemingway: This is a book that affected my life... I hated it! It was this book that I realized that not all books are fun. Seriously, I think I could have handled this book better if we didn't have to analyze the crap out of this book. Seriously it was like the man took a breath -- What did that symbolize? Did it symbolize last breath of Jesus? Oh I seriously burned my copy of this book. I hated it!

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