The Girl From Alabama is Moving!

I am a Southern girl through and through. I like sweet tea, I love me some Hank and I scream Roll Tide Roll. I have what you call Southern Comfort. I was raised in a neighboring county of Tuscaloosa though.

The campus of the University of Alabama intrigued me from the time I was three years old. Like Disney World I have been traveling to Bryant-Denny stadium since I was inside the womb. My dad has always had tickets because they have been passed down from father to son in our family for decades.

The nice scar on my left knee? Well that's from busting it when I was three years old on the cement outside the stadium on A Day. My dad swears that the crack wasn't there before I fell. Now every time I pass that crack in the pavement I blush and grin.

My dad wanted me to go to Alabama so bad he didn't know what to do. The man saved for years to put me through school. He and I grin and laughed because he didn't need to. I went to Ohio State and Alabama on full paid scholarships including books. The only thing he paid was a few expenses here and there.

I love Tuscaloosa. So why have I been living in Huntsville? Because I didn't want to rush straight back to Tuscaloosa with the way my family was. I do not believe I would have felt the freedom that I have in Huntsville.

Though, things have recently changed and this girl is going back to her real country roots because she is tired of the city life! My house is being finished as we speak and I am over joyed at the thought of living and raising my own family in Tuscaloosa where my heart has been.

My favorite things about Tuscaloosa are pretty simple:

#1 There is no building over 12 stories and that's excellent to me because it's not a place where I want tall buildings. Even though they are getting bigger name hotels and shops the buildings don't get tall. I love the downtown Tuscaloosa area where you can walk from shop to restaurant at a stroll. It's way more amazing knowing the history behind it.

#2 Dreamland BBQ. Ain't nothing like 'em no where. Sure they have locations all over Alabama but until you have been inside the original one behind the Walmart on Skyland don't tell me you've had Dreamland because you haven't. I love their sauce. Just give me a jar and loaf of bread and I'll eat on it all day.

#3 The shopping. Sure I love Lush and Forever 21 but I can always buy online and I do most of the time anyhow. But the boutiques are amazing in Tuscaloosa. I love the little no name shops with their monogramming and the cute southern tshirts. Plus they usually have amazing trinkets and things that are unique.

#4 Football. You should have seen that coming. When football season is around the corner... Oh what I am saying? Heck all freakin year you can find football in Tuscaloosa. If we ain't playing right then we are either talking about the coming season or remembering the past seasons. It's that simple. WVUA Sports definitely knows to add something about football to every segment all the time.

#5 The community itself. Maybe it's because I was living actually in Tuscaloosa when the tornado hit Tuscaloosa but I love how the community pulled together to help each other out. It was a bond that was very visible and very strong. The many prejudices that are in the area were overlooked for a long time and everyone helped each other out.

So I am glad to be moving back to Tuscaloosa... Don't Let This Crimson Tide Tshirt throw ya!

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