Stay Golden... Episodes

The last Monday of September...
Last Golden Monday until next year! You have two days left before you are flooded with the color pink everywhere. It's an amazing to watch the entire world go pink when it couldn't manage to go gold the month before for the kids. So these are my favorite episodes of the seven seasons the Golden Girls had.

To Catch A Neighbor - I could literally watch this episode on repeat... I think I have actually. I love it. It has a very young George Clooney in it. I love it so much after all these years. I mean come it's an action packed Golden Girls.

High Anxiety - Rose finds out she is addicted to her medicine. I think it's just one that helps you see the characters in a different light and it's a nice refreshing episode that shows them a little more human.

Twas the Nightmare Before Christmas - This episode is my favorite because its snows that and "Beat it chrome dome!" I think I cried I laughed so hard at that the first time.

Dorothy's New Friend - I like this episode because it reminds me what a good friend should be when making new friends. Always make sure you are friends with someone and not something that just makes them feel better about themselves.

Two Rode Together - THE DISNEY EPISODE! Seriously I love love love this episode! Quality time is spent the parks Dorothy!

72 Hours - They talk about Tuscaloosa, Alabama in this episode!!! Love this episode!

Job Hunting - I think this is one is on my favorite list because when someone says "So I do." You'll find me going "So does Blanche!" I just think it's a great episode even if it is a problem Rose has to deal with several times.

Zborn Again - The ever episode of the Golden Girls that I ever watched! I loved it. I found it hilarious and I was barely 8 years old. I was hooked and it's been my go to show ever since that afternoon while watching Lifetime.

What A Difference A Date Makes - I think it's because they go eat at Medieval times (almost) in this episode and I love it when Blanche shakes Rose.

Regardless if it's September, help bring awareness to Childhood Cancer. No full football is wearing gold and Obama won't light the White House up gold so be their voice to the world! Do not let a child have just seven years of life (if they are lucky.) Help them by going gold!

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