FanFiction Favorites

The FanFiction I read is not suitable for young children... At All. Even though I will admit some of them I read as a small child.

Marriage Token 1, 2, & 3 - Before FanFiction did away with the music group section, this story was a hot number. I spent hours reading this one. I don't suggest reading it unless you are an old fan of Dream Street.

So Deep In My Dreams - A Dream Street Fan Fiction Site - If the fact that the Dream Street ones are on Angelfire doesn't tell you how old they are I am not sure what will. But also realize that even though it's been over 10 YEARS they are still showing up and are readable proving that they are worth reading.

Harry Potter and the Deaged Potions Professor - A baby Snape and Harry Potter. It is written well and though some of the things are a little forced and cannot really be like that it is still great. I personally love this FanFiction.

On the Set  - Honestly this is a fetish story. It's not about fictional character but real people. To be exact, the characters are Alan Rickman and Emma Watson. It does not have sex in it, but still has a fetish tone to it. Great read.

Days of The Old - An Avenged Sevenfold FanFiction. The first time I read this was right after the 2011 tornadoes and I couldn't sleep so I was eating Pizza Rolls and reading fanfiction. I was so obsessed by this that I couldn't stop reading it until I was finished with it. I love that The Rev was still alive in this one. It felt very much like he was still alive when reading this.

Caught In The Act - This one has a very surprise ending... I was totally thrown off guard. Hermione's detention takes a very serious turn.

Disproving Penny - One of my absolute favorite FanFiction.... EVER! I love the thought of Penny and Sheldon together... Yeah yeah I know it will never happen.

The Shamy Shenny Paradigm - I am not of a fan of Shamy at all. I am Shenny all the way!

Pandora's Box - A Shenny FanFiction that I have much love for because it isn't all sunshine and daisies. It's a real story.

Miles to Go (before i sleep) - This one.... Omg. I normally care nothing about sci-fi but this... Spoke to me so much. It was another one of those stories where sleep was tugging at my eyes but I was going to finish the story. I had to finish!

Just a Harmless Joke - This started my obsession with Fremione... and trust me as much as I ship Shenny I ship Fremione even harder because Fred would have lived. I never cared for Ron. So this is just the first of many of this kind I will read.

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