String Art Ideas

~String Art~

The ones above are the ones I did a few weeks ago. These below are the ones I want to do in the future now that I know how to do this concept. 

This is one everyone wants to do and has pinned and I want to do it as well but I think the one below this is what I am going to do.

North Carolina to Alabama and then TN... I need to do this for me and Vin. I think it would be amazing!

This is more advance but I want to get there some day to do this for mine and Vin's screened in porch which is done in a nautical theme!

This would be great to do for a friend of mine. Just be you and be free!

This little fungi is prefect for my kitchen! I love it!

This anatomically correct heart is something that I want to do really bad for my best friend, Beach Babe!

Ohhhhhhhh I want to do this one sooooooooooooo bad for my office! Oh this is so going on my to do craft list!

This is an incredible Harry Potter string art that would be fantastic for Vin's Man Cave.

I need to get a picture of mine and Vin's silhouette and do this for our bed room!

Another Harry Potter string art I would love to do for Vin. Just something for his Man Cave!

I would love to do a deer head string art! It would look amazing in the den!

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