Fall Necessities

If you can't tell by now Autumn is one of my favorite times of the year. This is when you will find me extremely happy and laid back. I love the smells, sights, sounds, and the events. It's the countdown to the holidays. It makes me so excited because football starts, the leaves fall and everything.

There are certain things I must have for this season though. Everything from clothing, make-up, home decor, to food and reading material I have to have during the season. It reminds me that these are fun times and the holiday seasons are coming.

One the first things I have to have for this season is no other than Pumpkin Spice. I love cooking with Pumpkin Spice. I use for drinks of course (or go to Starbucks like everyone else.) But I also use it in stews or soups those are amazing.

I have even used it on recipes like this one or this one. Pumpkin anything is amazing. I love pumpkin smells too! Probably why I love cooking with it. It's incredible!

Another smell and taste that I am addicted to during this season would be apple. Apple anything during the fall and winter makes me feel comforted and warm. I love apple cider. I love apple pie and apple chicken. Pumpkin apples is what I need in my life. Ha!

Soup mugs another thing that I love during this season. How can you not love this invention? I realize these were probably one of those things where the potter was trying to make a mug and made it too big or the mug was a big one and someone was too lazy to use a bowl or didn't have any. But this invention is amazing nevertheless. I love that I can have soup in it one day and a huge mug of steaming apple cider.

I love the ones that either come with  a spoon or a pocket for crackers. Those are amazing. I love using those! I have to admit that I love looking at the ones on the show Friends. Those were amazing. I love the colors in those too. I could have seriously spent as much time as they did in Central Perk but instead of talking I would have been reading.

Speaking of reading, the next item on my list is Fall magazines. I spend a fortune on magazines during the fall season because I love the decorations, the fall cleaning, and the recipes in the magazines. This is one of the times that Cosmopolitan and Vogue take a backseat for me. Though my All You stays front and center.

All YouWoman's Day, Women's World, Better Homes and Gardens, Martha Stewart, and several others are piled up around my office and my living room during the fall. I flip through them tabbing things I want to scan to save to my computer. I am the weirdo who actually writes down notes magazines. I do not do good with magazine clippings. I lose them or they rip where I have them. That is not a good way to remember information anyhow. I scan or write down the information now instead of just clipping the article.

While curling up to read and eat some chili I love to be comfortable and that entitles comfy accessories. Clothing too but that's for later. I love neutral color accessories against bold coloring. But that's just me and sometimes I reverse that but not usually.

I love boot socks! Seriously these are like mini leggings for your feet (corny I know.) I love it when they are chunky and personal for your need. Beanies are my other obsession. I have several which throws people because I am not really a hat person but beanies.... Well we speak to each other. We get along great when my hair refuses to volume on my scalp.

Indeed, I have to have boot socks but I need boots to go along with those boot socks! I have so many boots that I love during the fall. I will wear my cowboy boots a lot. I will wear my riding boots. I will wear booties a lot too. This year I have found a sort of a combat boot like boot that I am freaking adoring. Gamer by Steve Madden because they are just so comfy and I can wear them with a lot of things. Another favorite of mine is the MUKLUK boots! I love those.... Leggings + Shoe = MUKLUK!!!

I love wearing the heels boots as well. There is something to be said about being towering during the fall. I love the crunch of my heel on leaves that have littered the paved sidewalk like confetti on New Year's Eve. It's wonderful having on a chunky sweater, some leggings and clunky heeled boots and the fall breeze just go through your hair.

Ahhh leggings, a staple of clothing I wear all year, but when it becomes Autumn they have a new meaning! They are able to be worn with a long shirt or sweater and sometimes a dress. They come in a range of materials and prints which works out well for me.

I love how easy I can move in leggings. They give the ability to do more things and still feel dressed up and comfortable at the same time. I can wear them boots, boot socks, MUKLUK, or slip on shoes if I need to do so. I love how versatile they are with clothing. I love jeggings too. But the pattern ones work great for me as well.

Slip on shoes are almost as important as boots for me in the winter. They are amazing based on how they are you can dress up or dress down any outfit. Like the ones on the right, you have a wide range to pick from to go with any outfits.

Honestly, one of the things I love the most is that you can keep a low-key pair of flats in your purse in a shoe bag to change into after work or an event. Or you can be wearing work shoes and you need a sexy pair of shoes to change into for a date these make it easy to do!

Sweaters seem always to be in fashion each autumn and I love that. I love how it's a fad that will always return in a different way each year. Sweaters get new designs and materials and make them better all the time.

The other thing I love best about sweaters is that there are many ways to wear sweaters as well. Sweater dresses can be dressed up or down depending on the accessories. Chunky sweaters are the same way. You can layer a tailored shirt and sweater also for an amazing style statement anywhere! Layers are great changing your mind about what to wear when you to a certain place. Plus if you get to hot you can ditch the sweater when layering clothes! Just have fun with with layers because that's what I do when I want to stay warm.

Another way I keep warm in the autumn? Blankets!!! I buy blankets all the time. Trust me the more textures and colors that I have on top of me while snuggled up with a cup of tea and something to read or blogging the happier I am. Blankets are like a protect shield to me from Jack Frost who can nip away at my nose all he wants but do not nip at my toes or legs!

Cable chunky blankets, soft cashmere, thick wool, nice and soft cotton blankets they all sound amazing to me. I enjoy the coziness of a blanket during the fall. I use blankets on the porch swing, on the tailgate of a pick-up, at a football game and my favorite, in the hammock. The trees quavering under the autumn wind, leaves falling, laying in the hammock and a blanket under me and on me and a nice steaming bowl of hot steaming food, and Eli Gold's voice in the background saying "Touchdown Alabama."

Now if I can't enjoy the great outdoors and sometimes at night when I just want a soft glow I love lighting candles. It's something I love to do when I write or I want to read or draw a bath for a long soak in a bubble bath. It really inspires me when I need inspiration for blogs or stories.

My favorites for this year are all from Bath and Body Works: Marshmallow Fireside; this has been my favorite since 2010! Flannel this is one of my absolute favorite! I have two new favorites and this is one of them! Tailgate; oh this is just amazing! It's red and has a football on the front, but not only that the scent is incredible! But my absolute favorite is Autumn Sky! It's smells like another part of the Soarin' ride! Paris Daydream and Autumn Sky together would be the entire ride.

These are the things I love to have during the autumn. I am so excited that the air is changing as we speak and a cold front is moving in, bring on Autumn and Winter! This girl from Alabama is ready!

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