How I Use My Erin Condren Life Planner To Help Me Blog

My Erin Condren Life Planner goes with me everywhere. I use it for many things, but lately I have been using it the most for my blog. This blog has grown since I have purchased my Erin Condren Life Planner. 

This was how I tracked my September blogs... Not my favorite. I am not a huge fan of pencil... I know I know... Make a mistake you can erase! Not for me because I like to use cheap pencils. Crazy no?

I love the fact that I could always write currents in pen but I always end up erasing blogs when I want to move them around because I haven't learned to be like other bloggers and just own what I am doing without making a mistake in planning or learning to make a blog schedule. I love blogging every day. It's fun for me even though I get so exhausted spending late nights posting into the wee hours of the next day!

I then decided that October needed to be different. I really didn't want to use my daily squares on anything blog related except to remember what nights I needed to play catch up on and when I needed to make something for my blog or write something to do for my blog. I had been just incorporating my blog into my daily life except I like my blog being different. My goals for my blog were written with my weekly goals and I didn't care for that. Hating how it junked up it was I decided to start brain storming on how to make it better. 

Inspiration came to me while looking at my monthly view for October. I usually fill the monthly notes section with quotes which is great but I wanted to utilize that space as well. So I decided that that can be where my blog related goals can go which works really well for me. Placing a label over that section to give it a formal location works amazing and I left enough space for me to place a quote or two above my blog goals.

The goals I have for my blog are pretty simple. I am really just trying to get the ropes down for anchoring my blog in the blog world. New content and ideas of how to make it more special and stand out also are goals of mine. You'll be seeing this blog go through some changes in the future. I am looking forward to having precise and clean cut goals wrote down in a specific spot not just a list on a notepad. This holds me responsible.

Finally, as I mentioned before I didn't care for the whole pencil and erase thing so I decided that I would use my mound of flags that I bought at Big Lots. This is one of the best products I have bought for my planner and it's also one of the most least expensive. This has been one of the best ideas I have ever had!

I can easily write ideas for my blog out and then if I need to move something I can and I don't have ugly eraser marks in my planner. I am just that picky about my planner. I feel like this give my blogging spot in my planner more color and makes me want to use it more and more! It works out great.

If you want to see the other materials I use to blog just let me to know! Trust me there is a method to my madness, there has to be with my crazy self. I hope you enjoy!

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