Fall Spice Tag

1.)  Bath and Body Works candles or Yankee Candles?

Bath and Body Works - I love decor from YC but B&BWs is just my go to because they rarely disappoint me in the fall.

2.)  Fav fall accessory?

Beanies, scarves, chunky necklaces and boot socks!

3.) Uggs or Moccasins?

Um both but Uggs probably more because they have more of a variety!

4.) Fuzzy socks or knee socks?

Both! I do love them both.

5.)  North Face or Columbia?

Northface but I have other brands I love more than those now.

6.)  Favorite Fall food?

Ummm chili or anything pumpkin or apple with cinnamon

7.) Red or Pink lips?

Red - I do like a good purple or black or brown during the fall and winter

8.) Q-Winged eyeliner or bold eyeshadow?

Both, hehe! I do prefer to do bold eyeshadow though!

9.) Q- Natural/cold/light or Bold/warm/dark makeup?

I do tend do a mixture. I'll do a more natural eye with a bold lip during the fall!

10.) Apple pie or brownies?

Apple pie I love apple pie way more than brownies!

11.) Would you rather cook the food or eat it?
 Um both! I love cooking and baking and the smells that waft through!

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