There are Some Things You Can't Share Without Ending Up Liking Each Other,

And knocking out a twelve-foot mountain troll is one of them.

A year and half ago I was told to follow my now ex's ex on Pinterest because she was "awesomely awesome." That is very very true. It's hard to believe that it's been that short of time and yet that long of time. Why does this matter?

Well because that special person has become my best friend. I am not talking like gossip partner. I am talking late-night-calls-what-the-hell-was-I-saying-because-I-just-fell-asleep-hope-she-didn't-notice kind of friendship. The kind where you can't stay mad because you have a thousand and one things to tell the other person. The kind where you type "..." and they know that you are excited or pissed as hell or confused. 

Jessica Elizabeth Upton has literally become the person that I go to for everything after Vincent Mallone. We dish on the guys, books, make-up, family ups and downs, and etc. This is the friendship that quotes are written about because we lift each other up instead of break each other down. We know what we want to say to each other and we say it because we know that we aren't trying to hurt each other we are trying to help. It's so nice knowing that I don't have to tip toe around her with what I am going to say.

In all honesty I can usually gripe about something about anyone to my dad but with Jessica, I never have and I don't plan on it. It's nice having a friend that I find nothing wrong with their personality. She makes me so happy. I have no idea where I would be without her. Jessica has really been there for me like no one ever has been there before me as a friend minus Chris and Vin. As best friends, Jessica knows that I would sacrifice things for her and I know without a doubt she would for me. 

We tackled many mountain trolls in our short amount of time as friends, from JLA to Amanda to Waffle brains we have knocked them all out. Thanks for all the adventures, here's me lifting my wand to many more adventures. 

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