Stay Golden... Girls!

Part One

I have always watched the Golden Girls, but it wasn't until I started dating Vinny that I watch it every single day. There is a rarely an exception to me watching the Golden Girls. I can quote it, not just certain episodes but all of them. I do not know many by their names but I am learning them.

Why am I doing a series of posts on the Golden Girls? Well I love them! I have shirts of the Golden Girls and I have a seen their home with my own eyes. But also it's September and the color gold is very predominant in my life right now. It's the color of the ribbon for Childhood Cancer Awareness. So I am taking the challenge of talking about these ladies that gave us laughter, tears, and cheesecake and raising awareness at the same time!

Today I am going to take five different "Which Golden Girl Are You?" Quizzes and see if they match up!



So four out of the five think I should be Sophia! I actually love that! I see myself being that as well when I get older. Hello she carries her purse with her everywhere! She likes to shop and she has a huge family heart.

So Stay Golden This Month and every month!

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