For the First Time in Forever

Our family received a huge shock on August 30, 2014. I will be the first one to admit that my family is pretty crazy, though not as crazy and tree branches twisting and banging each other as some, but crazy nevertheless. This, knocked us all for a loop. My dad recently managed to get the woman he had secretly loved for years and I couldn't be happier seeing him so happy. My little brother is cancer free. My littlest brother is loving school and becoming more sociable. My other brother is happily married and working and raising a beautiful little girl.

None of us expected the knock on my dad's door. Charlene, my dad's new wife, said she answered the door to a girl that looked scared and honestly lost. The girl stated she was looking for our old address. Charlene invited the girl in and asked her what her name was and who she was looking for in this area. Mike Collins and her name was Taylor Collins.

Everyone started having questions... It took awhile to answer the questions. Between blood tests and the answers that my dad received going over information with Taylor and the people that had been in her life the fact was obvious.... I in fact have a long lost full blood sister.

It was hard fact to face and we were nervous. What if this was some weird plan hashed out by my mom? It was all on our minds but the facts checked out and we fully welcomed Taylor but we were hesitant at first and that's why. But the other fact I can't deny... I love her.

Dear Taylor,

I never wanted to intimidate you or make you wary of me. I just didn't know what to think when people tell me I have a sister. I felt like it could be some evil joke of our mother's because she was known for that kind of crap. Then when I realized just how you felt between the two people talking to you I felt myself looking into how I would feel if I was you.

Our dad taught me survival but not like the kind you know. You know how to handle things in ways I don't. I wasn't forced to live in a shelter and learn from books instead of teachers. You make me stare with wonderment at the fact you can do that.

Another thing that really amazes me about you is that you have a heart of gold even with all of the things you have been through in your life. You have morals and kindness that I didn't know was possible of a life like yours. I know I tell myself all the time not to listen to the media but you hear these people say that they broke this law and that law for survival. You told me that there are very few things that you knew were not civil to do so you didn't do them and just did without.

Moral fiber is something people don't have a lot of these days. You shine like nobody's business. Your knowledge and opinions on things are different from mine but at the same time are so much alike. It's wonderful knowing that we come from the same stalk but we are like and different.

I have so much I want to show you and things I want you to show me. It's going to be amazing life together. My girls are going to have an amazing Frozen aunt! We will have many memories together as we start a new journey together. We start this journey as a family with hope and love. We can laugh and eat chocolate and realize that God has perfect timing in our lives for each other.

I love you so much already,

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