Stay Golden ... Characters!

Continuing during this Stay Golden month of September for Childhood Cancer Awareness, I have the wonderful Duck Dynasty comment made by Jep. Thing is since there is no absolute cure for cancer, these kids will never see their golden years. That needs to be addressed. Sure their a children who beat it, but there are so many who don't. These children will never develop their stories and personalities.

The Golden Girls are so important to me. I have been watching this show since I was in the 4th Grade back when it came on in the afternoon on the Lifetime Channel. Trust me I followed it right on over to the Hallmark channel each morning now. That doesn't change. But I will say this I know when Hallmark Channel takes out some of the best parts. I sit there complaining for the next five minutes.

These women are what I want to be with my friends when we grow old! There characteristics are amazing and I love how the characters were developed over time. As different as they were they were always there to help each other in ways like family, even when they couldn't count on their own families they had each other!

Dorothy, oh man. I didn't like her when I was younger and watching the show. I thought she was mean and a know it all. As I grew up I realized that was defense mechanism. It was her way of protecting herself. As for being a know it all, Stanley. Stan proves that even Dorothy makes bad decision. She was the level headed for the most part (*shuddering at the memory of the Beatle Mania episode*). I always enjoyed the story line of her and Stan. She hates the fact that he can still easily get under her skin. Plus, I sympathize with her when it comes to dealing with her mother. I would be right there with her saying, "Shady Pines, Ma." I did admire that no matter how mad she got at Sophia or what Sophia did to her that they always made amends.

Blanche, southern sass after my own heart. Blanche's self-centeredness didn't bother me one bit. I felt like she trying to prove herself to the others and other people. It was the attention she liked but not the right attention, so many people think that is just a teenage thing but it really carries with a person. But her boldness was amazing and also her self confidence was admirable as well. Plus, she was willing to admit that she had major flaws in her parenting. She struggled through the entire show with her kids and grandchildren. She always tried her hardest to make her wrongs right even if she tried in a bad way. As friend, she could be shallow sometimes but she was always there for them to listen and help them through problems. She listened and gave advice when they all needed it. Even when it came to parenting she could give advice based on her failures. It always helped the rest of the girls to listen to her.

Then there is Rose. This woman gave so many laughs through the series. How could she not with her childlike, naive mind? Willing to just say what was on her mind and not really think before saying it. Though, many would say she just spoke even if she had thought about it. She wasn't a complete airhead the woman could write a resume and a will so she had that going for her.

She was a family person, her kids loved her and wanted to check in with her all the time. She felt strongly about where she grew up as well. How many times during the show did we "Back in St. Olaf?" Many times we would hear that when she was giving her advice to the girls. Sometimes it would actually have some meaning and sometimes you really wondered why even you had to sit through the St. Olaf story that she was telling.

Rose was a breath of fresh air many times with her personality. She was an adult yes but she said things in plain words and surprised many with the knowledge she did know even if she didn't know who Hitler was. ("Who's Hitler?" "Boy, you are bad at history." "That's Fritz Sticklmyer.") You just kind of wondered about her.

Her love with Miles was beautiful. I hated it that they ruined it in the spinoff Golden Palace. Miles was amazing for Rose. Who else could put up with those stories all the time?

Last but not least, the mother of the Golden House, Sophia. "She's feisty, zesty, and full of Old World charm. Sophia!" I get tickled just thinking about what Sophia retorts with to Rose's sister on that one, "She's mopey, dopey, and full of crap. Rose's sister. Don't mess with me kid, I have the home field advantage." I love her personality! This is exactly what I want to be when I am older. The one that people think is cranky but that's really just a front.

Sophia reminds me of my grandmother! She speaks her mind and dares someone to challenge her (her sister comes to mind.) She loves her family though but does agree that they don't need to depend on each other to have some independence. She gives them the wisdom that she has learned through her years on this planet and passes on some of her spunk as well.

I also love how the Rose and Blanche think of Sophia like a mother too. When she is upset or sick they are right there with Dorothy in worrying and praying. They all get upset when Sophia either leaves or thinks of leaving. They all want to know who is going to have midnight chats with and tells stories of Sicily... "Picture Sicily 1912."

These women have stayed with me for so many years through so much. They will always be Golden to me. But remember to stay gold yourself this month for the children with cancer as well! Happy Monday!

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