It was enchanting to meet you...

There are days where we rarely talk and we live in the same house. Sometimes, we prefer it that way because we pick up signals from the other one. We can sense what the other one is feeling. It's not uncommon these days for us both to be in the kitchen with our iPads in front of our faces and we manage to maneuver around the kitchen without bumping into each other or things. It's what we call the "reading dance." When we realize it we glance at each other and grin.

Somehow, I fell in love with gigantic geek who is still in school but doesn't boast about it. The shy guy who can tell off any Starbucks counter for not knowing the secret menu and then proceeds to go slowly how to make his "Butterbeer." The sweet guy who has been spending hours helping his four year old daughter do very advanced gymnastics and cheer stunts to the point that the teacher has she sees our daughter at the Olympics. The guy that hides all the best things about him and only shows only people.

When I used to think of falling in love it was some random guy. I thought it was crazy to meet someone off the internet through some match up or randomly at a club and just have the perfect chemistry. The love I found is so much more than that ever could be. Our love is the one that is friendship where you have laid-back romance. Where you feel the heat when your eyes barely meet. Where we cover each up with a blanket when we find the other has fell asleep while working on something. Falling in love with a guy that I know is so much more better than some random guy.

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