Vinny Such a Little Sweetie

Yesterday, we as a family watched home videos of Vinny. I watch the emotions play across his face. It was turmoil on his face he was watching with a huge smile on his face as his toddling self walked for the first time. But then as he grew up before our eyes on the screen, I felt him tense as I was in his arms.

Vinny is a strong man. It takes a strong man to put up with me, I know that. You can't be a wuss and be with me. One, I will make your life hell and secondly you will never win. But this man can handle just about anything I throw at him. He life has been hell enough without me adding more to it.

His early years were wonderful for him. Then his parents were killed in front of him and he had to come to terms with the fact that his life would never be the same. I think at the age of four Vin realized that he had to learn to take care of himself.

The videos we watched after that happened was very different. You could see the hardness in Vin's eyes on the screen. I searched the Vin's, that was holding me, eyes for that hardness but it wasn't there. I seen a man that was still hurt but learning to love and be soft. Kissing him to the point of our girls complaining behind I let him know through that kiss that I was there for him.

We have many videos to go through but we will have to wait on those. And what about my home videos? Oh no! Never happening.

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