Harry Potter Happenings

Being engaged to a true and complete Potterhead I learn of a lot Harry Potter events and information. How I am with Disney information is how he is with Harry Potter. That's just how we are in our lives. Though, becoming a Potterhead has been a lot of fun. Truth be told I am looking forward to these events even if I do not get to attend them all!

Harry Potter Festival in Chestnut Hill - How wild is this? A festival for Harry Potter! I do believe I will mark this for next year sometime after Salem trip! More information on the HP Festival

Camp 9 ¾ - The 2014 was cancelled but they are planning a 2015!

Hogwarts at Christmas at Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter - Vin wants to go to this so bad. I may send him by himself so he can see it. Who knows but yeah. It's coming up at the end of this year.

Leakycon - Us Wizards and Witches wanted our own gathering. We got it!

Misti-Con - Another gathering but on the other side of the world.

Quidditch - There are so many teams all over the world. The US alone has 500 teams.

Trick or Treat with Pottermore - Going on through October 31st! Fun and excitement!

A Celebration of Harry Potter - We are going to this! This is something that I am being "dragged" to with my fiance. He is very excited about it.

Harry Potter Book Night - We will actually be in London for this. We are extremely excited about seeing this through the world of celebrating Harry Potter.

Conjuration Con - An interesting Harry Potter festival in Atlanta. Vin might go to this. We are not sure yet.

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