Deathly Hallow Love

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My relationship with Vincent Mallone can easily described as all three Deathly Hallows. Strange I know. But hey that's us. We are that weird couple that people find intriguing because our story is not a normally at all.

At various times in our lives Vin and I have crossed paths. Why didn't we get together then? Well I like that to call that our Elder Wand time period. We both wanted to find our own ways. Would we have gotten along? Of course, but we wouldn't have lasted because we weren't ready for each other. When you are young proving yourself has a tendency to get in the way of destiny at times.

Also with the Elder Wand we have that power over others together that is interesting. We work together to pull the leverage of conversations. We are a dangerous couple together. We both have smarts and wits. We are both very athletic.

However, I do like to think that unlike the Elder Wand we stop each other from seeking so much power that "death" overtakes us. Dueling with too much can be very battering on the individual and the soul. We keep a good checks and balance on each other.

How are we like the Resurrection stone? Well let's jump back into the past around May 2002... Yes 2002. Six years before we would meet face to face at his apartment. We met in Disney World on a field trip. Somehow realizing that I first met him in Disney World shows me just how meant to be we were.

Another way we are like the Resurrection Stone is that we don't mind taking strolls down memory lane. We stroll through the memories with and without each other making us learn and explore each other more intensely each time. We do remind each other not to dwell too much on the pass and move on because the past was a gift of that time.

And finally the way we are like the cloak of invisibility. This one is really too easy and very cliche. We forget that we have people around us at times. I can get lost in his eyes and in his kisses. I never realized just how looking into someone's eyes could make me forget that I am only wearing half a face of make up.

The last way we are like the Deathly Hallows is that we have all of these things and there for we are the true conqueror of death. The weight the world can weigh down on us but we are there for each other and very prepared to battle. Because until the very end I will love him. And after that I will love because all will be well.

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