Websites I Use To Teach

Technology is here for good, whether or not you like it. It's a good thing and it's a bad thing. For teachers, students, and parents it is on both sides of the line between good and bad. For myself, I am all three right now. I am student in college learning to become a better teacher and yet when I come home I am mom to two little girls.

Can you believe that the average screen time for a child now is 75 hours? That includes Movies, TV, radio, video game consoles, computers, portable video games, Internet, cellphones, MP3 players, interactive toys, smartphones, tablets. This is what babysits our children now. Remember when you got to kindergarten and you had to know your address and colors? Well no more now children are suppose to know tech terms, how to use a mouse, know how to type their name, and be able TO USE Google or a search engine. For more facts such as these, The Wired Child.

Teachers have to keep in mind facts like that to keep their children engaged in learning play. I am not a complete emergent teacher. I do not completely rely on my students to tell me what they want to learn. Now I am an emergent mom, questions arise in my house and we explore the ideas and facts on the subject. 

To help me with themes and subjects at home and in the classroom I use these websites. **And yes I am a huge supporter of Pinterest but sometimes I just want someone who thinks like I do.**

Environments - I had to put this on the top of my list. I use this at home and at work. There is a ton of things that are free to print! Labels galore! 

Lakeshore - I know this is a company but I do love their products. 

NIEER - This is one just for when I am teaching. It really helps me with things for legal situations.

Everything Pre School - I am not a big fan of all the ads on this page but they have some great information on their site.

Early Childhood Teacher - A teacher that wants to help you find a job where ever you are!

DLTK Kids - I saved the best for last. I have been using this website since I knew I wanted to go into teacher for sure in the 9th grade.

I hope that these help you like they help me!

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