Harry Potter Game

I am not going to post pictures except on a few of them. Plus, I am going to answer all of these right now.

1. My house on Pottermore is actually Slytherin. I am not ashamed of that in any form. Because what Ron said isn't true. "There's not witch or wizard who went bad that wasn't in Slytherin." Um Wormtail anyone?

2. I have gotten the results of a dolphin many many times. I'm not exactly sure what that means.

3. My boggart would be very similar to Hermione's but mine would be failure to friends and family.

4. My favorite Quidditch position is a beater. I just find it amazing. You can get killed easily.

5. Magical creature I love? House elves! I just find that fascinating.

6. My favorite HP character? Fred or Hermione. They are both very close to my heart.

7. I would say the character that I am most like is McGonagall.

8. Fred or Olliver, either one would be my HP crush.

9. My favorite spell is Accio. I could sooo use it all the time.

10. My favorite Hogwarts professor is Snape.

11. I would say that the class that I would enjoy the most would be Charms!

12. My favorite shop in Diagon Alley would be Flourish and Blotts.

13. My favorite ship.... FREMIONE!!!

14. After rereading them my favorite book is Order of Phoenix!

15. My favorite movie is the Goblet of Fire!

16. My least favorite book is still Chamber of Secrets.

17. My least favorite movies is the same. The chamber of Secrets' basilisk was super boring.

18. Um Fred didn't die so the second one was Dobby.

19. U NO POO! is the funniest part.

20. The cloak is the Hallows I would choose and the second one is the Elder wand.

21. I actually have my wand from Pottermore.

22. My wizard occupation? I would have to I would probably still be a teacher.

23. My Yule Ball outfit

I would add some earrings but that's about it.

24. I know we're not in Professor Flitwick's class but you are still charming. This is a favorite of mine. 

25. The place I would spend the most time at Hogwarts would be the common room probably. Though I would love to spend some time just roaming the halls.

26. The HP actor or actress I most like to meet from the movies is Emma Watson. Well that's my answer now.

27. I have tried a lot of wizard food at this point but I still want to try firewhiskey.

28. I have most of the HP items I would like to own. And if I don't have it. My Fiance does.


My favorite quote.


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