My Top Epcot Attractions

Yes I am true Disney Girl at heart and soul. Now it comes at no shock that, of the four Disney World parks, my favorite is Magic Kingdom. My second favorite? Epcot! Yes, I know it needs major updates, but I love going over the world in there! And in celebration of Epcot's 32nd Birthday!

(For those wondering Epcot stands Experimental Prototype Community Of Tomorrow)

My favorite ride in all of Epcot (like many others) is of course Soarin' - Who doesn't like dangling 40 feet down in the air while you "hang-glide" over California.

Now what used to be my second favorite ride in Epcot has recently closed for good. It was Maelstrom was a dark boat ride through Norway. It was awesome little boat ride. Technically it's not closing to the 5th of October but in my heart it's already gone because they are building a Frozen ride.

Next on my list The Seas with Nemo and Friends a true kiddie ride but hey that song at the end? Soooo addicting! Plus the queue is awesome! It feels like you are walking a seaside cave! "In the big blue world..."

Spaceship Earth is completely amazing! I have always loved this ride! Go back into history and the go in the future! Learn how communication has changed over the years!

My fourth favorite is Test Track. I am not crazy about the new renovated ride but it's ok. It's still does what Test Track has always done... Test a car.

Mexico's Gran Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Caballeros is also a fun ride and it's the last ride that I love in Epcot. It's just fun and another kiddie ride. Some say it's the Mexico version It's A Small World but they have added some things to change that!

Notable mentions that aren't rides is the gardens in Epcot, Tea Shop in UK, the German teddy bear shop, and the mall in Japan. They are amazing!

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