Me as Miss America

So while watching Miss America I had the idea of what would I do and wear for the country's beauty pageant. I have never really given it any idea. I have been in pageants but it was when I was small and there were not any swim suit parts to it.

So I am making like a mock set up. It's just for fun. I am still keeping with the same parts as the real one:

  • Lifestyle and Fitness in Swimsuit - 15%
  • Evening Wear - 20%
  • Talent - 35%
  • Private Interview - 25%
  • On-Stage Question – 5%

Private Interview:

What drew you to study Education, which branch most interests you?

I love early childcare, elementary, and special education. The reason for me going into education was because my heart felt at home with children. I have a passion for using my imagination with every day situations and you have to have that working with small children for them to get the knowledge they need in life.

Why special ed?

For me, working with these types of students is very challenging, but I enjoy that. They are very much the underdog as far as systems go and as far as outcomes after school are concerned. So, to get in there and work with a group like this is progress that a person can make, or progress you can see a student make is very rewarding. We can be very creative, which is very attractive. We can come up with things that no one has come up with before. And over all, I think it is the challenges; the rewards come from making progress where no one else has been able to make progress before, and then having the students see the possibilities.

Do you think that prescription drugs are over-prescribed by psychiatrists and pediatricians?

Yes I do. I have followed many studies in the past few years. It's astounding compared to other countries. People are so willing to just put their children on medication without asking the side effects and what it may do to their child long term.

What did you receive the Exemplary Citizen Award for?

I raised money for several families in need after the tornadoes of April 2011. Seeing my home destroyed and the people in the community left devastated shattered me.

If you could interview an theorist of child developement who would it be and why?

Maria Montessori because she had an interesting way of teaching a child and how they grow and develop.

Do you think lowering the college debt would diminish the quality of the US higher education?

No because even though the cost of higher education has rose there are statistics showing that the quality of the graduates is not what it used to be. Showing that the extra money is not really being spent to help education.


Without thinking about it for long my heart and soul dreams of a month where gold is everywhere during the month of September like the color pink is everywhere during the month of October. Childhood Cancer awareness is so under exposed. NFL wears pink, buildings and fountains are pink why can't they be gold? What I really dream of is a day when there isn't cancer to take away our loved ones.

Interview Outfit

Zach Posen

Beginning Show Outfit


I really can't decide which one I would use for the pageant but I'm leaning toward the orange one though.

Steve Madden Suzzana


I love to tap dance and I love ballet, however, my heart belongs to the Charleston! I love it. I can definitely see me dancing to it for a talent.


Evening Gown 


On Stage Question

Social media trends called #fatkini and #losehatenotweight have been gaining popularity. Some say it is inspiring while others say it is causing a normalcy for obesity. Do you believe this trend will have a negative or positive effect on our society?

Friends of mine are of the bigger side. I find that regardless of weight no one should be made to believe that they are not beautiful or not enough. Obesity is dangerous, yes, but so is not eating and having an eating disorder. I think it should be a positive effect on our society. Seeing the ones I love being attacked for their weight. "Ending obesity" paradigm is actually saying “we want to end Fat People.” That is not the message to send to people. For some people it is not a choice to exercise instead it's because of hereditary or medical. The society needs to care for everyone and not just certain ones.

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