Halloween Tag


1. Favorite Halloween movie?

Halloweentown or the Worst Witch --- I can't really pick

2. What age did you stop trick-or-treating?

I think around 9...

3. Favorite Halloween costume you have worn?

Sindel from Mortal Kombat

4. What are you going to be this year?

Elsa and Elsa in Slytherin

5. Do you like going to haunted attractions?

Nope. I like Judgement Houses though

6. Vampires or werewolves?


7.Favorite Halloween candy?

Dots and Halloween Oreos

8.Do you decorate your house?

Yep. I go all out too!

9.Least favorite costume

When my mom puts my ballet leotard on me and put wings on me and told me I was a butterfly...

10.Have youu ever repeated a costume and what was it?

A Witch!

11.Do you believe in ghosts?

Ehh, not exactly

12.Scariest Halloween

I don't know if I have had what you call a scary Halloween... Minus the dog getting after me that time. But that's it.

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