Fall Cleaning; Yes Different from Spring Cleaning

Do I really clean differently in the fall and winter than I do spring and the summer? Oh yes indeed I do! I can honestly say that my house is probably more clean in the fall and winter than in the spring and summer. Humidity makes me lazy. I am not a summer person at all.

When I start fall I ALWAYS start with my vehicle!

  1. I always start by going to a car wash/cleaning center. They have those super strong vacuums to use. Gets up all the sand and dirt out of your car. I would recommend if you have the funds and the time to get the carpet shampooed even. 
  2. Clean the windows. Tiny fingers and noses have made lovely drawings on those windows.
  3. Detail clean -- Take a screw driver under a rag and clean the grooves.
  4. Replenish all of your car supplies. Those hair ties come in handy remember? Have some on hand!
  5. Make sure to add some Lysol or Clorox wipe because flu and cold season is coming!
  6. Add hand santizer to every car door or in the glovebox so that you can clean your hands and your family can too.
  7. I also go ahead and place some extra blankets in my vehicle. Mornings are a lot more easier with little ones this way.
  8. Keep a clean black chalkboard eraser in your car's glove compartment and use it to wipe away fog inside your windows without leaving streaks.

When the crisp winter starts I start changing up soap products as well. I start adding more comfort to the laundry by adding more fabric softener. And something I am doing this year is having a custom fabric fragrance made from Good Home Co. We are going with Chai and cedar.

Closets - Oh dear gracious. Move along summer clothes. I do make sure that some of my pieces for summer can be used for the fall and winter as well for layering pieces. And stuff that I may not have worn a whole lot this summer or spring (or for that matter never got worn at all) I donate or sell to someone else. I move linens around as well since I have flannel sheets for the winter. I move the thicker blankets to the front.

Dust and dirt- Ummmm serious- Dust everything! Get the cobwebs out! Start from the top like ceiling fans, vents and moldings, blinds and work your way down! Then sweep! Then vacuum! Then shampoo the carpet and shine up the floors!

Doors- This is not just a beginning of fall thing to do. Clean the doors! Doorknobs transfer germs... Germs make us sick! No need to spend money on medicine if we clean the doors!

Windows - Streak free is the way to be! Let the lights shine from within! Your windows take a lot of beatings during the summer from the hot weather to the rain. Now clean them!

Check Essentials - Plugs, light fixtures, smoke detectors, clean the dryer vent, check fire extinguishers, hot water heater, and insulate exposed pipes. 

Kitchen - Go through things and check dates and how the food looks. Vacuum fridge coils, sweep and mop. Stock pile for the winter! Check the sink. Check the range hood, Detail cleaning again.

Bathroom - Check grout for necessary repairs, Check for leaks and clogs. Stockpile on medicine just in case!

Outside - Inspect the roof. Trim the hedges. Check the windows, tighten bolts and screws, the gutters.

And there you have it. If you want to see the lists I follow when cleaning go; here, here, and here.


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