Bubble Bubble Toil and Double Bubble: Favorite Halloween Candy

Halloween Candy

I am not crazy about chocolate... {Insert gasping and fainting I'm sure.} I eat it but it's just not my favorite. So with that being said let's see what is my favorite candy. Especially when it's Halloween Candy...

1) Atkinson Peanut Bar - These make me soooo happy. Always have!

2) Dots - My mouth is watering just looking at these...

3) Flavored Tootsie Rolls - I would fight my brothers for these every year!

4) Life Savor Gummies - I loved the tropical flavors...

5) Candy corn - Mix a bag of this with some salted peanuts... Oh heaven!

6) Blow Pops - Oh come on it's candy then gum. What's not to love?

7) Fun Dip - I'm that girl that would eat the dip then eat the stick... I might still do that.

8) Nerds - Yup we nerds are so cool we have a candy named after us

9) Reese Cup - I love peanut butter... I can eat it directly from the jar...

10) Butterfinger - I love these crispy bars!

Honorable mentions - Halloween Oreos, popcorn balls, Smarties, and Sixlets.

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