Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party

If you have never been to a Disney holiday party you are in for a treat when you go at Halloween! The decorations are out of this world! Plus, they have special treats! For instance at the Halloween party they have a slew of different desserts and drinks this year. For the first time ever Disney has Bubble tea!

An important difference in the parties is that they have special freebies! During Halloween it is.... CANDY!!! You can go through the trick or treat lines over and over and it doesn't matter! 

I love the vibrant colors of the banners! It's amazing against the dull colored buildings! It really picks up the mood and spirit of the park!

There are many different "carved" pumpkins going along with the different shops in which they are located around!

One thing I really recommeding doing is unplug. Sure I take pictures of Disney once in a blue moon but I enjoy the leisure of Disney like it was suppose to be enjoyed. Look at the amount of detail that goes into each inch of Disney and I am not joking! There is a ring hidden in the walk way to the Haunted Mansion.

What happens if it rains? Dance in the rain! I'm serious! Shops get very crowded even on specific ticket events. Take a poncho and just walk and dance to the music. 

Are the special merchandise during the parties worth it? Some of it yes and some of it no. I STRONGLY suggest that the first night you are Disney to NOT go to a party! You will be very overwhelmed. Plus some of the merchandise is available during the day and some only during the party and you need to know which is witch... Opps Which is which!

Characters that are rare appear more during special parties! Sometimes the lines are long so get a spot early! Not joking, I waited in line for the Dwarfs for two and half hours!

I love the moon during the parties.... Always seems to fit the theme!

The dance parties are fun for the kids young and old! You get to dance with characters and just let loose!

The Boo To You Halloween Parade is held while I am at work so I have no pictures but I will include a video from WDW Magic!

Walking down Main Street USA is amazing so many people in costumes and the smell of coffee and sweets!!! YUM! 

I love some Disney balloons! 

The music playing through the park changes! The Fantasyland area has more small children's music while the rest of the park plays the real Halloween Christmas music. 

My favorite part in the holidays at Disney is that the workers/decorators at Magic Kingdom have barely six or so hours to take down Halloween decorations and put up Christmas decorations after the last Halloween party. I have been there to experience that amazing feature! It's so crazy looking at all the orange pumpkins and spooky lighting to the next morning seeing garland and Christmas music ringing in your ears!

See You Real Soon!

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