Halloween Movies I Love

I love Halloween! Ok, correction I like the non scary Halloween. I love goth stuff. Trust me, I can pull off a goth look with little effort, but am I into all the blood, Victorian stuff, etc all the time? Simply, no. I love kiddie Halloween.

I know why too. My dad raised us to decorate for Halloween but when it was scary Halloween he didn't tolerate it at all. I remember one time someone tried pranking our family and daddy went outside a lit a M80 and shot BBs at them. No one dared to toilet paper our house again or prank us. 

Actually people think he is crazy and he is but I am crazy about my daddy and I respect him. "There is enough meanness in this world without adding fiction crap to it." You won't see playing violent video games or letting the boys play them either. We hunt but it's food for us or for others. So when it's Halloween I still with the light hearted stuff. Vin is exactly for his past. He swears off any killing movie (unless it's a killing curse with green light and a certain man has survived it twice.) 

Mine (our) Favorite Halloween Movies are listed below:

The Halloween That Almost Wasn't - You can actually watch the whole think on YouTube Here

The Worst Witch - Been watching this since I was about 2...

Ichabod Crane - There is nothing like watching this on haybale drinking punch or apple cider!

Halloweentown / Halloweentown II: Kalabar's Revenge  - If the 5 stars with 800 reviews on Amazon doesn't tell you how awesome these are nothing is going too because it just awesome!

Disney's Sing-Along Songs - Happy Haunting - I had the VHS of this growing up and thrilled to see it released on DVD for my girls!

Harry Potter - There was a debate between me and Vinny to add this..

Tower of Terror - Favorite ride in Hollywood Studios and I adore the movie!!

Double Trouble Toil N Trouble - Don't judge... I seriously loved this movie... This was first and my last fit I pitched in a store with my dad... But I did get the movie...

For Better For Worst Halloween - Daddy is obsessed with this comic and the little snippet shows they did.

Anything Scooby Doo

There you go! I told you it was going to be kiddie because it is. But I am that girl that is completely okay with that.

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