The Beginning...

So the final week of October is upon us and I have one more trick (or treat, however, you look at it.) This week is a special week for me. For it is the week of Halloween! I have a lot going on this week. I want this week to be fun.

With that being said, this week of Harry Potter. Squeals and groans... yep I know some of you are happy and some are going to skip this week. That's fine. You will be missing some fun things though.

  • “Expecto Patronum” literally translates to “I await a guardian” in Latin.
  • After Fred’s death, George was never able to perform the Patronus again.
  • When rearranged, the letters in Remus Lupin spell “primus lune,” which roughly translates to “first moon” in Latin.
  • When he died, Dumbledore was 150 years old.
  • The Elder Wand is the only known wand to contain hair from the Thestral, a beast that can only be seen by those who have witnessed death.
  • The day Harry and Ron saved Hermione from the troll — the day they became friends — is the 10-year anniversary of Harry’s parents’ death.
  • Most of the Blacks are named after stars. Sirius, for example, is named after the dog star.
  • Every 30 seconds, someone begins reading the Harry Potter series.
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