Carve the Pumpkin

Carving pumpkins is something I have enjoyed for a very long time! I love the feeling of the slime and the seeds inside the pulp. It's squishy and stringy. Pumpkin seeds are amazing after you wash them and add some brown sugar and cinnamon and bake them. The whole pumpkin process is amazing for me!

I am strange person that doesn't cut a hole in the top. I carve a hole in the bottom. This is a safety thing with me. When you cut a whole in the top and have to replace the top its starts to shrivel and can cause the pumpkin top to fall in and catch on fire. This way is much easier.

However, in recent years I carve a pumpkin and funkin. Funkins are styrofoam-type pumpkins. They are craft pumpkins to many. I love that I can carve them and use them year after year! I find the process so much fun! One of the ones I have had since I was in high school and that was over six years now! So they last, they really do!

This is the one I have had for a long time. Yes it's very detailed but it was so worth the hours I spent making sure it was perfect!

The owl is another favorite of mine. It's creepy and it's an owl!

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