I complain like everyone else. Should I? No.

I usually look in the mirror and can pick out 17 things to change to make myself "more prettier." Our travels through Thailand today took us to villages where beauty has a whole new meaning.

I met a little girl who changed my views on a few things.
She was working very intently on a scarf while her younger sibling pushed and pulled on her. I asked her how long the scarf she was working on was going to be. "Long," was the simple answer I recieved from her. I asked if I was bothering her and she stopped working and looked at me. "No," another simple answer but her eyes hit mine. "Enjoying visit?" I told her yes. She almost smiled but didn't. I asked her what her favorite color of the scarves was. "Blue." I looked at the scarves and all of the sudden she started saying the apostle's creed and I joined in with her. I asked her why she did that and she pointed to my keychain of the crucifixion.  She started asking me about my church. Come to find out she is Catholic. I chatted with her awhile talking about why she wears the coils on her neck. Tradition is a big part of it, I like traditions as much as anyone but I don't know about wearing a coil on my neck. I purchased two scarves from her. I honestly have no idea how you spell her name and I would hate to butcher it. She commented on my make up. I realized how silly it would seem to her that I put all the paints, powder, and creams on me to feel pretty. Just as to her wearing coils makes her feel pretty. I thanked her for talking to me and this time she gave me a beautiful smile.

I walked away feeling many different things. She taught me that simple things really can change a conversation. Sometimes it takes something so simple to really change your outllpok on things.

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