Disney Day 7 & 8: Epcot, Magic Kingdom, and Leaving

Waking the day after running 13 miles is not easy at all. I wasn't as sore as I expecting. I did, however, sleep later than I normally would on a Disney Day. I pretty sure I slept until 9 AM. And for me that's late for Disney.

I did a few yoga stretches and grabbed my phone. I was surprised that the only one still in the resort room was Vin. I asked him where was everyone else. He told me that Kayleigha, Carolina, and Edwin had taken Rain down to the pool and playground. My mommy mechanics kicked in and I started looking for her little bag and making sure she had it for her hand sanitizer. I made me some My Morning Mate tea and sat down by Vin, who watching the Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows Part 1. We had almost fell back asleep when we heard our munchkin come barreling in. She pounced right on me. She told me I had to go get ready so we could go to the parks. I laughed harder than anybody because I remember several times as a child when I would pounce on my dad telling him the same thing.

I showered and dressed and Vin had us shirts made. Mine said Future Mrs. Incredible and his said Mr. Incredible. He insisted that I take my knee braces. I told him to stop worrying about me. My little girl grabbed my hand and we were off. She knows exactly where to find the buses now and since she is learning to read she now knows how to spot the buses.

She was wide awake and full mode of energy. The bus driver acknowledged us both as princesses because I had my hair up in a bow with my running tiara and Rain had on her tiara too. We read the posters that are along the top of the bus. This one was Rain's favorite!

We arrived at Epcot and Edwin scooped up Rain and Vin scooped me up. I huffed but eventually gave in to his need to make sure I didn't hurt myself. Rain was all excited because things had changed since we were at Epcot in December. That is one of the things I love about Disney you can go 4 times a year and each time something is new and/or different.

Rain wanted to ride Nemo first. As we walked Vin managed to get us Fast Passes + for Soarin'.

The line to meet Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, and Goofy wasn't too bad so we left Kayleigha in line with Rain to meet them while we went to ride Soarin'. I took a few pictures to give you an idea of what Soarin' looks like.

We rode Figment afterwards. This is another one of Rain's favorites. She managed to talk Vin into getting her a stuffed Figment this time. She loves plush animals and dolls.

We headed to the World Showcase afterwards, we pretty much bypassed Canada and headed straight for... United Kingdom! I bought some more McVites Rich Tea Biscuits! We walked along and we had lunch at Japan!

After having lunch of sushi we decided to go to Magic Kingdom for the rest of the day. Which really excited me! We hopped on the monorail. When we got to the Transportation Center we got on the monorail towards Magic Kingdom. Getting off the monorail and walking toward the gates makes my heart pound. 

We headed straight to something we had never done before together. The Swiss FamilyTree House. Vin put me on his back since there are over 100 stairs through out the house. We trucked it up all the way. The views from the top are gorgeous of Magic Kingdom.

Again Disney always amazes me with how much detail they put into an attraction. The rooms of the family's has every tiny detail which is truly amazing! 

After that we watch the Enchanted Tiki Room. Rain now knows the songs like I do. We rode Aladdin's Magic Carpets after that and Rain and I busted out laughing with we made the carpet go down so that when we passed by the camel is squirted Vinny square in the face. 

After we shopped a little bit while we were in Adventure. We made our way into Frontierland and we went into the sweet shop. We bought some take home snacks. After that we rode the Haunted Mansion twice because Rain loves it now.

After riding the Haunted Mansion, we made our way to Fantasyland. Vin wanted to It's a Small World since it was under maintenance when we were there in December. We got there and it was a huge line but we waited anyhow. After riding that we made our way to Space Mountain while Rain rode Astro Orbiter with Carolina. 

After that I insisted we go to Sleepy Hollow for a small meal. 

I love the Nutella fruit waffle and the Chicken Sandwich waffle from Sleepy Hollow it's always delicious!

The last thing we did before we left Magic Kingdom was ride Stitch's Great Escape. I will only ride this once in a blue moon and it has to be the ABSOLUTE last ride that I ride in Magic Kingdom.

Why, you ask? Because it smells GOD AWFUL. Stitch farts and burps and the smell is literally sprayed into your clothing! It's honestly the worst at Magic Kingdom! Rain didn't even like it because of the smell. While waiting for the bus I even patted myself down with hand santizer to make it not so terrible.

On the bus it was weird, because I knew we were leaving in the morning but a big part of me was ready to leave. I wanted to go home and show the world what I had accomplished! It made leaving not so hard to do.

Upon entering the resort room I made a beeline for the shower. I scrubbed and scrubbed to get that putrid smell off of me. I finally did and I went and crawled in the bed.

I was sending my personal trainer my data from the race and I noticed I ran more than normal half marathon. He was very impressed and proud of me because I pushed myself to do this. It's always a great thing when you have ton of supporters.

I worked on my schedule of blogs and appointments because I was heading back to work almost as soon as I arrive home. The Origins GinZing Eye Cream helped me feel great around my eyes. 

May won't be that long in arriving and I will be back at Disney for a solid three months. It really makes leaving easier when you already know when you are returning!

We got up the next morning and went to Magic Kingdom before we left. We rode Carpets of Aladdin and Pirates of the Caribbean. We enjoyed Dole Whip and a hot dog from Casey's Corner. We left Disney World happily content and full. I just love the leaving sign when are driving away from Disney because it always makes me feel better through my tears. 

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