Nashville Haul March 2014

Mall at Green Hill

The Body Shop

Blue Moon Shimmer Cubes Pallet 20 - I have been eyeing these from the Body Shops. I finally decided to get them. 

Chocolate Box Shimmer Cubes Palette 06 - This is the sole purpose for me going into the Body Shop. Was this the sole thing I bought? Well you already know the answer to that.

Hair Chalk - Tickle Me Pink - This was an impulse buy.

Soft Facial Cleansing Sponge - I like using these in the morning. I don't think they are as harsh as a washcloth. 


Stackable Travel Jars - I got these for making my own make up and for travel. 

Brush Cleanser - I put some of this in a spray bottle and use it to spot clean my brushes.

Foundation Pump - I wanted this for my Estee Lauder foundation.


Urban Decay Anarchy Face Case - I like that this is all together and hello it was 50% off!

Deborah Lippmann Wicked Set - I squealed when I seen they still had this! 

Sephora Put to Good Reuse Bag - Yup I bought my own Sephora reusable bag!!!


Water Bottle Chug It - It's BPA free and I love it! 

Sleep Shorts in Atomic Pink - I love sleep shorts and pants

Sleep Shorts in Black with White Dots - I love them! I love love love love these!

Foldover Yoga Shorties - Relax days will fee great in these!

Rolled Cuff Tunic - Lounge shirt definitely!

Boyfriend Tank in White Palms - I want something to throw over my bikini.

Lace Back Thong in Hello Vacay and Spring Break Blue Legend - Come on every girl needs some wild underwear!

Free People

I think this is one of my favorite stores. Which leads me to the conclusion that Jessica is right I really do have a hippy heart.

Wyatt Ankle Boot - I know these were expensive. Trust me I put them down and picked them back up and put them down. Vin finally grabbed them when I was laying them down for the fourth time. He technically bought them.

Tory Burch

Don't flip out. I had a gift card that I had won in a giveaway and I knew what I was going in here for so I was prepared.

Miller Metallic Sandals - I was sooooooo excited when they had my size! I mean come on. I had been lusting after these for a month! ROSE GOLD AND TORY BURCH!


Verbena Cooling Hand Cream Gel - I wanted something for my skin in case of any swelling or something.

Opry Mills

The Cosmetic Market

René Furterer Waterproof Moisturizing Fluid KPF 90 (leave-in) - I know I will be in the sunlight a lot.

René Furterer Repairing After Sun Shampoo - Going to go prepared.

Hot Topic

Avenged Sevenfold Death Bat Contour Skirt - Lol why not? I liked it and it had a great fit.

Avenged Sevenfold Hail To The King Girls T-Shirt - I didn't have one of their newer shirts.

Disney Peter Pan Girls Tank Top - Lol I had to. They had my size.

Forever 21

Striking Cutout Maxi Dress - So seductive. I cannot wait to wear this.

Bon Voyage PJ Set - I love their PJ sets

Sweet Boston Terrier PJ Set - I basically bought these for the shorts!!

Spotted Small Cosmetic Bag - I always buy cosmetics bag from Forever 21 before most of my trips.

60 Makeup Remover Tissues - Basically got these for emergencies and taking make up off my hand.

Crazy Hearts Midsize Cosmetic Bag - Again I am addicted to Forever 21 make up bags. I can never have enough.

60 Green Tea Cleansing Tissues - The make up wipes were back 3 packs of 60 wipes get them for $10. 180 wipes for $10... OK!

Party Party PJ Set - I loved this set! It's perfect for the trip!

Lace-Up Canvas Sneakers - Ok I normally would skip any pair of shoes that are $10 unless they are clearance at Target or flip flops. But these are freaking comfortable!!!

Build A Bear

Rain insisted that I needed a bear. So I had to wait outside while she selected one, stuffed it, and made a wish on the heart. I was shocked at how perfect the bear was when I walked in. They had even recorded Rain and Vin telling me that they love me. I got to pick out the clothes. Rain named her Eliza.

Cinderella Costume  - Yeah the collar never got put on because Rain insisted it was Elsa...

US Pawsport - This was not my doings... Vin insisted that my bear needed a passport.

Yes I did go into Walgreens and CVS but all I bought was some BB Cream from Olay Fresh Effects and some gel moisturizer from them as well.

Victoria Secret

This is not only what I bought while in Nashville but also what Vin and my stepmom had bought me as a farewell gift.

The Hoodie in Black with Pink Wings - This will become my favorite hoodie behind my Mickey one. 

Reversible Lace Dress - That dress you wanted as a little girl where you could spin and your dress would swirl? Hello adult version! Thank you, Mama Charlene!

Vintage Tees High Back Tee in Pop Art Pink and Bright Blue Marine  - This almost makes me want to get a tramp stamp tattoo... Almost

Maxi Skirt in Palm Print - When I pulled this out of the box from Charlene I wasn't sure how I was going to like it. But that change quickly. It moves beautifully!

The Most Loved Yoga Pants in Studs with Black and in Pink Wings on White - These are incredibly soft and flexible! I didn't want to take them off.

Bow Bralette in Spa Blue and Black - Carolina and I both went nuts over these! 

Off the Shoulder Tunic in Pink Burnout Stripes - Perfect for wearing over the bikinis.

Ruched Daily Legging in Black - I can always use more leggings it's becoming a staple for me.

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