Lush Haul

This girl has been missing some Lush products! So when I'm in a city that has about 9 of course I am going to shop til I drop!

CoalFace Cleanser  - They showed me how to melt it and they gave me a sample and then I ended up buying some as well.

Tea Tree Water - I keep telling myself that my Michael Todd toner does fine but hello it's Lush and I love the Grease Lightening.

The Shimmy Shimmy Massage Bar - I want to look ultra sexy on the beach and I want awesome looking legs.

Pillar of Fizz - I seriously bought 6 of these bad boys! Hello why are these not in the US and if they are why the crap haven't I seen them?

Phoenix Rising Bath Ballistic - I bought two of these because seriously I love the freaking smell in these beauties and the amazing colors of them!

Big Shampoo - I needed some more.

Fizzbanger - Oh how I have missed you.

Dragon's Egg - I have missed getting a bath and I plan to take a bath in style until we leave since we have a marble tub.

Dorothy - Decided to change things up a bit with the bubble bars this time.

Pop In the Bath Bubble Bar - Normally this doesn't smell good to me. Maybe it was the salt air? Who knows.

Twilight - I bought two of these and I'm excited to drift off with this for once.

Dreamwash - I plan on laying on the beach for quite some time. So I want this when for when I come in.

Beach Box - They had these and I couldn't help myself!

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