Disney Day 5: Enchanted 10k and Hollywood Studios

Two things: 1) I have loved Bonnie McKee since 2001! I am so glad she has new music coming out! You have heard of her too you just didn't know it! She wrote songs like Hold It Against Me by Britney Spears, Dynamite by Taio Cruz, Last Friday Night by Katy Perry. Also she is best friends with Ke$ha and Katy Perry. They used to all hang out together! 2) This was my song for this race because this song is me! "I told him I got a plan and I'm gonna dominate and I don't need any man to be getting in my way... I'm always ready to party. No I don't listen to mommy.And I'll never say that I'm sorry." So this was my jam for this run.

I was glad to read on most marathon running pages that sleep doesn't come before runs. I was positively thrilled about that because I got like two hours of sleep if that! People wrote on my Facebook encouraging me. I cried when my daddy wrote on my wall what he did...

Getting up to really prepare was a mental task not just a physical task. I put on my regular princess run gear. I put on light make-up. I rubbed the Bodyglide stick all over me. The Bandaid blister stick all over my foot. I even took my pocket knife and cut chunks of it off and turned it into a cream to rub on my feet. I suited up making sure I had everything. I remember looking at Vin while I was going through my checklist and something in my stomach settled. 

I picked up my water bottle and I thought it was weird he didn't move. He grabbed me and told me how proud of me he was and then prayed over me. I kissed him (I know you guys don't hear me say that enough) and I left. I felt so alone but it prepared me mentally. I knew that if I had someone with me that it would mean that I would be looking for them for acceptance. I wasn't doing this for anyone else but myself. I was going to take this challenge. I was going to look my own fear in the face and conquer it. I was bigger than the girl than I was a year ago. I hadn't let myself turn into the girl that needed a man.

Seeing the finish arch made it real for me. I just prayed that the training I had done was enough. When I checked in and I gave the cast members my finish bag and doubled checked everything. I guzzled the last water I would have until I got to a mile. I went to the bathroom and I saw Elizabeth and Genevieve I felt a little better because at this point there was backing out. I wasn't alone in this race. However, I was shaking. And trust me it had nothing to with meeting Elsa. 

 I talk to +Jessica Upton until it was almost time to go. What Does the Fox Say song about drove me nuts but I loved doing the YMCA with everyone it kind of grounded me; it reminded me this was suppose to be a fun run. I wasn't doing some boring Boston race! I was doing a Disney Race! I put in one headphone to listen to my music. Switched on my Nike app and was as ready as I was going to get. The RunDisney people talked and gave notice of our sponsors. "Three, two, one Go!"

We took off running. Being in the first corral was interesting for me as a new marathon runner, but my pace time is a lot better than most beginners. I cranked up the volume. I met a lot of characters on the is run. I prefer to keep these pictures private. Please do not hold that against me.

Elsa was cheering us on and made it snow on us!!

Epcot at sun rise is gorgeous! 

I laughed so hard when I saw this sign this perfect stranger was holding up at us!

I love the Disney figures and music they played through the course!

I love running through the parks at night! It feels good.

I loved their costumes! And props to him for wearing fur!

She was sooooooo excited when I finished!!!

Just a little over an hour and half! 

Passing under the arch felt amazing!

I have told everyone that the hardest part was walking around right after I finished. To be safe you need walk to slow my heart down safely. I really just wanted to become a heap on the ground. I got my medal and then grabbed another bottle of water and headed to the bathroom!

It was kind of weird Chris, my best friend yet fiance to a friend of mine who was also running, pounced on me, then Edwin (my other best friend), and at that point I was starting to wonder if Vin had got lost. Then I heard Rain and he was behind me. Rain was glowing! She told first told me, "Yay! You did awesome!" Then the little booger wrinkled her nose and told me that I smelled stinky like. I stuck my tongue out at her and she returned it.

I put her down and smiled at the prince waiting on me. He scooped me up and twirled me around. I was so happy. He told me to close my eyes and I did. When I opened them he had a single rose with a Mickey head place in it's petals. I was so happy.

I loved this shirt!

I kept taking off and putting back on. We went straight back to the room. I just iced my knees instead getting an ice bath because I wasn't hurting that bad. I had originally said I wasn't going to go into a park. We said around talking and Rain was happy to rub the stick on my legs and feet.

I took a nap and then got up showered. Rain wanted to go to a park so I agreed. She wanted to go to Hollywood Studio to "hear the people scream." Got to love my darling daughter who loves to hear people be terrified on the Tower of Terror. I was glad I had bought the knee ice packs before we came to Disney! Moji Knee Ice Wrap were pretty much a life saver to me. I loved them! We could carry a cooler with ice packs for when they needed to be cooled off again.

Rain was so cute. "Mommy you can use my stroller!" I told her thanks that I would be okay. We got on the bus and that child reminds me of me every time we get on Disney bus more and more! "LET'S SIT AT THE TOP!" So here we go up up the stairs on the bus with Vin telling me to sit on the bottom, but I managed to get up the stairs just fine. I sat in his lap with Rain beside us. She is all about watching what happens inside and outside the bus.

We pulled away towards Hollywood Studios! Rain looked up at me with a big grin and I realized what a big mushy person I am. I started tearing up because I saw myself in her. The excited danced in her eyes like it does mine when someone mentions Disney. I asked her what all she wanted to do once we got to Hollywood Studios. "Ice cream!" I laughed. Again so me. Her little feet were just a swinging and she was humming with the music. I started brushing her hair because Uncle Edwin had done a very crappy job. We decided on ice cream, Pizza Planet, The Backlot Tour, and some shopping.

When we got off the bus Vin started insisting that Edwin carry me. I won the battle by promising that when we were in line for Backlot Tour Edwin could pick me up. So off we went in search of ice cream and towards Pizza Planet. I have to add that Rain holding her wrist proudly to the gate people saying "Open Sesame" is probably the cutest thing ever! They laugh at her every time. Kid gets a lot of stickers that way.

I lead the entire group to Hollywood Scoops. Vin thinks it's scary that I don't look at the map a whole lot. He didn't have to grow up with mom who would randomly test you how to get to something without the map during the year! We got Rain a cup of cookies and cream ice cream. Vin also got cookies and cream but got the insanely cute triple scoop cone! I got a cone of vanilla. Carolina got the Butter Pecan. And Edwin got Chocolate. Yes we let the child have dessert before supper. Hello you only live once and we were at Disney World! She gladly ate it and was ready to eat.

Rain was very excited I had to remind I could run like she was use to me running around the parks with her. She slowed down some but her excitement was contagious! I finally sprinted a little to Pizza Planet. When we ordered and received our food of course Rain wanted to eat on the second story. I could tell it was killing Vin but I just prodded him along and told him I would be fine.

I only ate half of mine. I gave the other half to Carolina. I was ready to get back to carbohydrating for the next run the next day.  I went back and got the power packed lunch which was Dannon Danimals Yogurt, Apple Wedges, Carrot Sticks, Goldfish Crackers, Apple-Cinnamon Snack Bar, and small Dasani Water.

We went to the Backlot Tour. Rain had never rode this and it had been at least four trips since I had. It was either a really long line or it was down for refurbishment. It's basically showing you where Disney sometimes shoots their parts of their films. That really big boat in movies? Usually like 5 feet long and not in an ocean. They show you that; how a movie that has it raining isn't really raining. It's really awesome. Then you walk through a museum of old props. These are in cages because they are the real deal! The business building you see on the Golden Girls? Why it's on this ride too! It's actually where Disney has people dreaming up costumes for upcoming shows and parades! The fabric sometimes is even made on Disney World property! The plant for textiles can be found going the back way into Disney World! The Golden Girls' house used to be part of the ride as well. I may sneak pictures at the end of this post from my dad's pictures from 1997 when we went as a family! Dad even has pictures where they decorated the Golden Girls' house up for Christmas!

We asked Rain what she wanted to do and she wanted to go back to the room. I think Vin was a little relieved she didn't want to keep going. I wouldn't have cared either way. I love being at home with them. Disney World is home to me. It's in my blood forever.

When we got back to the resort Rain wanted to watch movies so that's what we did. I gave her a bath and talked to her about the days at home when I wasn't there. She filled me in on everything. I read a few books to her off of my iPad. She and I colored until she became drowsy. I carried her into the room with Carolina. Kayleigha and I were going to be sleeping in the same bed since both of us were running the 1/2 marathon the next morning. I fixed me a small baked boneless chicken breast with some Alfredo pasta. I had everything laid out and I couldn't fall asleep. I started becoming nervous all over again.

I kept remembering how it felt to run the 10k and I felt amazing yet scared. 24,000 people would be running 13.1 miles with me. But I was determined! How did I do? Well that's for the next blog post...

As promised this is the Golden Girls' house! Vin loves looking at these pictures my dad has! I know it was still there in 2001 but sadly it was torn down for Moters Light and Action! I don't care for that show anyhow. I bet Disney wishes it hadn't tore down the house now. It would almost be a historical landmark because that's where they really shot the outside scenes for  the house!

To be continued....

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