Disney Day 4:Run Expo, Lounging Around, Changing Resorts, and the guys arrival.

I woke up with Genevieve and Diana to help them get ready for their run. Diana is not new to running she has already completed two other Disney 5k runs. This is the family run. Parents run with their children and it's a lot of fun. 

I woke up the rest of the group and we started getting ready once Diana and Gene had left for the race. We were ready quite quickly. We watch them take off and then when they crossed the finish line. It amazes that Diana is Gene's adopted daughter because they are so similar. Diana was all smiles afterwards. She grinned as they placed the medal around her neck and gave a high-five to Gene and told her next year she was going for the 10k. These were their medals for the run!

We let them head back to the hotel while the rest of us headed to the expo. I was so excited because it had been a few years since I had been near the ESPN World Wide of Sports. When I walked in with everyone else I was struck dumb and excited. I'm pretty sure that was when Mary Ann and I made a connection on a new level. Her whispering "Running really can be girly!" We both squeal and ran! 

The pictures above are from the Expo. We had cookies and cupcakes galore that we stashed until Sunday afternoon. The last picture is an onesie that Bre picked up for her baby. She said regardless if it's a boy it's a small keepsake to have from the trip. You can see what I got HERE and HERE

When we went back to the room the guys weren't there yet but everyone else decided to go ahead and get ready to leave. So Carolina, Kayleigha, and I were left in the room. I got the text that the guys were there and I walked to the lobby and I was immediately hit with a blue blur that was screaming "MOMMY!"

The guys got their bands chipped for this trip and unpacked. We decided to go to Animal Kingdom before it closed for a little bit then it would be time to rest up.

We of course had to feed the boys and I stole the picture above from Vin's phone. He was very proud that he finished off the turkey leg without my help. However, I am sure I seen Rain take a few bites.

We on the Mararajah trek next since we didn't go on it when we were there in December. And the tiger's like looking at Rain a lot. She was amazed at how close they were to her. She found it fascinating though.

Kali River Rapids was closed in December but it was up and working while we were here and we rode it by ourselves. It was just Vin, Rain and me on a one float. We had a blast riding it and of course we got SOAKING wet but that's part of the fun! 

We got in line for Everest with Rain not riding but waiting with Edwin and Carolina. I have to remember to ride Everest more often at sunset. It was gorgeous Vin and I found it romantic. We also realized that you can see the Epcot's Spaceship Earth.... Which is 10 miles away.... but you can see it from the top of Everest ride. We loved it.

We left and went back to the resort. They ate at Whispering Canyon I ate chicken I fixed and banana for dessert. I laid out my outfit for the morning and I then stayed up all night because I was freaking out! But hey that's marathon life. 

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