Book Review: Her Mad Hatter


Her Mad Hatter

Marie Hall

Marie Hall published it herself; 2012

Her Mad Hatter is of the romance fantasy genre and it's part of the Kingdom Series from Marie Hall. I was recommended this book by several people; Mary Ann started it, Odette encouraged me, Chris encouraged me and finally Mrs. Greene told me I had to read it. The book is only available through digital download of some sort. I purchased my copy from iTunes for iBook app. 

My interest in this book is that it takes characters we have known from our childhood who we consider to be wandering character or bad characters and show that there is another side to them. They need love regardless of how they once acted just like everyone else. The Mad Hatter is no different than a human because at one point he was human but he was lost in time. Now him being alone for too long is taking a toll on him and Wonderland is suffering from it. And it's up to his Fairy Godmother to save him and Wonderland.

My favorite character in Her Mad Hatter is definitely Danika. She has the right mind set for taking on Kingdom's bad boys. It works out wonderfully. My favorite quote from the book is from her even, "Bad boys needed love too. Her boys weren't dangerous- just naughty. But naughty could be very, very fun." 

When I finished this book I felt like I just needed more and more and more from Marie Hall. I have recently finished all the books in the series so far. Marie Hall keeps adding more and more to the series because the fans keep asking for more books from the series. Yes, the covers are slightly tacky and tasteless but this is a romance novel. 

I would recommend this book (and series) to readers above the age of 16. I wouldn't let middle school age children near the series. I also think that if you are used to the common look or description of some of your characters there will be some changes so go into reading it with an open mind or do what I did and read of the description and keep your own character image!

I give this book 5 stars out of 5 stars without even having to think long about it. 

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