Day 2: My Next 10 Years!

In 10 years I'll be 33 which is not something I really like to think about but since that's the point of today's challenge I'm considering it. 

In 10 Years

Relationship status: Happily married for 9 years!

Family: Besides Rain we want about 5 kids.

Job: Still teaching, working for Disney, still be a partner in real estate, and side job travel agent.

Friends: I pray that I will still have all of the same friends.

Car: A really nice SUV. I don't think I could go back to a car...

Fashion Statement I hope has left: Goth.... Let it go people.

Fitness: I hope to still be running and doing yoga

Health: Still really good

House: I hope I'm still living in the house I just built.

Pets: I don't like to think about the fact I may not still have Theo but if not I will have one of his offspring!

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