Day 3: My Views on Drugs and Drinking

As far as drinking goes, I've been drinking since I was 13 thanks to my daddy who liked to piss my mom off. My dad has always had the views that drinking isn't terrible at all. He said just watch the limits and how often. I have a VERY high tolerance for intake. I never drink and drive. I have slept in a trunk before because of that. My dad even threatened to move our family to a different country that will allow children to drink as long as they are in their parents house. So yeah my dad is like my favorite drinking buddy which is weird but not weird because I know he wants me to enjoy life.

I do drink wine probably 6 out 7 days a week. And I have the rest at least once a week sometimes twice.

I've only had 6 real drunk nights. I even know the perfect cures to hangovers.

I hate smoking with passion. However, on the subject of tobacco. I do dip. Not all the time. Actually I can tell you exactly how many days out of the year that I dip. And that number is 18, I'll say 20 is the maximum. Of those 18, 15 of those are football games. It calms my nerves. Do I agree with dipping every day? No. Not at all. I've seen what cancer does to someone.

I have never tried weed or any drug and I don't plan on it. Ever read the tiny print of side effects of the prescription your doctor gave you? Yeah you could have more problems than you began with. I do agree for the people who are really sick need the medicine. As for those of use who have a common headache, there are ways around it without picking up a plastic bottle with pills inside it. God intended birth to hurt, bare the pain of childbirth, sorry that's why I want a natural childbirth. You don't have to agree with me. 

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