Challenge Day 1: My Relationship

My relationship status: Engaged

It feels strange saying that. I waited 22 years before having a real boyfriend. Of course, my first one I would rather not talk about (again.) Let's just say that there is a quote that says "You should pay attention to how your boyfriend treats his ex because one day you might be her." And that is a very valuable piece of advice I may add. Another piece of advice that came to me late was "Be careful who you date. A lot of people aren't looking for love they are looking for help." When asked what that meant I was informed that a lot of people are either trying to make themselves look better or they are trying to get someone to help them fix themselves. My grandmother has always said, "Only two people can and need fix your life; yourself and God." How true she is because nobody else really can stop the pain. 

However, I managed to find a very special person that returned to my life. I've written about him before on my blog. You can find it here

Our relationship of knowing each other began while in college. I would go to see my best friend and his quirky roommate was always around. I always got the impression his roommate liked me but I was always told no and that it was nonsense. 

Flash forward to November 2013... My friend +Genevieve said that her cousin in-law would love to go to Disney World and she knew I had two vacant places in my villa. I was informed it was the quirky roommate from Vandy, who I had danced with, sang with, and spilled my heart to when I was in college. I, of course, said he could stay with us and he thanked me on Facebook and quite honestly, the rest is history.

We spent Thanksgiving together, we watched Frozen together (which was our first date), we spent Disney World together, Christmas together, New Years together, we took a trip to London together, and he propose to me in January during Alabama's blizzard season. He said it was the start of our "Frozen" journey. 

Vin really has changed my life and not just my relationship status. He is a Godly man. He leads the prayer at meals and when we want to pray as a family; him, Rain and myself. He doesn't do things in a selfish manor at all, he really thinks about humility and our future. He has courage to stand up for the Lord and he has several times even when it was up against me wanting to do something and that's how it should be. I don't want to be the one ruining his relationship with the Lord. He brings so much more than money to our relationship. He does help provide for us and Rain. Yes even though we aren't married. The only way we don't act like a married couple is 1) NO SEX AT ALL OF ANY FORM OR FASHION! 2) We still have separate bank accounts 3) we do NOT sleep in the same bed. 

Also Vin loves me biblically and extravagantly. He and I have discussed what it means to really commit to one another and we agree that we are ready to take the vows that will bind us forever stating that we will put each other before any other relationship except God. This includes kids, family, friends, boss, etc. But it also means that we can't do things selfishly either. I remind myself when I think of even being the remotely bit selfish that "When you love someone you are really loving God." Do I want to be selfish with God? No way. 

But the thing that sticks out the most is that Vin loves God more than he does me. That's the strong part of our relationship. There are Sunday mornings when I just want to lay in the bed and Vin doesn't give into me at all. No matter how much I fuss he refuses. It's wonderful having someone who is truly devoted on God that he wants to make sure my relationship with God doesn't waver either. And with God in our lives the relationship gets stronger and stronger. 

One thing is for sure Vin can looked back and say he has been loved.

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