Review: Maz Face Mask, Etude House

In January I got a Maz Box and it has various beauty products in it. One of the products was Etude House Black Charcoal Chin Mask. I was asked to do a review. I waited until I wasn't using another mask. This was the results.

The chin patch is pitch black (despite the white patch shown on the packing) due to black charcoal additives, which are supposed to remove oil and pore deep sebum. The patch is also supposed to tighten pores and contains Aloe Vera for a better complexion.

The application works like all of this kind: Make skin wet, apply patch, wait 10-15 minutes for it to dry and then peel it off.

The first thing I noticed about the Etude House Black Charcoal Chin Pack was that it has a very unpleasant herbal scent. Maybe this scent might be to someone else's taste, but for me it is a major turn-off. The other negative thing I noticed was that the chin patch is ridiculously tiny! I knew I had a very big nose according to Asian standards, but now I apparently have a huge chin as well, because the chin patch only manages to cover like 2/3 of my chin.

When I pulled the patch off there was absolutely nothing sticking to it. It had not worked on me at all. I also could not see any kind of other effect. No smaller pores, no cleaner skin, no better complexion. Absolutely nothing.

This is probably one of the most useless products I have ever tried, as it smells horrible, doesn't fit at all and has zero effect on me.

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